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Get your dose of taboo-breaking conversation and check out the inspiring stories from women challenging cultural norms.

June 10th, 2019

#FreeTheFeed in London: breaking the taboo of breastfeeding in public

Earlier this year we planted five giant inflatable breasts on the rooftops of various East London based buildings to launch our campaign #FreetheFeed! In 2019 the stigma on breastfeeding and breast...

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May 30th, 2018

An exclusive interview with Diane Atkinson

Diane Atkinson is a London-based British historian and author with a Ph.D in the politics of women’s sweated labour. Her new book, 'Rise Up, Women!: The Remarkable Lives of the Suffragettes',...

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March 15th, 2018

Watching womanhood: 8 movies in defense of the ‘chick flick’

Sometimes all we need is a lazy weekend. After a long week, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as settling onto the sofa armed with a Netflix subscription, snacks, and (almost) all the time in the...

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March 7th, 2018

5 issues we need to talk about on International Women's Day

If 2018 continues to build on the momentum of the first few months, this year is set to mark a seismic shift in terms of gender equality and attitudes towards women. In the coming years, we’ll look...

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February 27th, 2018

7 reasons we still need to tackle taboos around women's bodies

The year is 2018 CE. We have a Tesla orbiting the earth, robots ordering our groceries for us, and even dating apps for dogs. We've come a long way from the days of hysteria being a legitimate...

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November 1st, 2017

This Week’s Squeeze: Dr Hannah Allen

We’re excited to welcome Dr Hannah Allen to our blog. A woman after our own hearts, she is passionate about improving female health through the use of technology, with a particular interest in...

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