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How long do Kegels take to work?

How long do Kegels take to work?

In a world where you can order a burrito to your door in minutes, find out the meaning of life with a quick Google search and give yourself an orgasm in 30 seconds flat, it might seem a bit much like hard work to commit to Kegel exercises. Will your Kegel muscles actually get stronger, and do you really have to do them every day? 

There are a few really common questions women are asking about their Kegels and pelvic floor trainers, so we’re gonna answer them for you. 

How long should I do them for? 

It’s kind of like sit-ups – the more you do, the better the results (although we’ve never actually managed to get to the ab stage of sit-ups). Kegels are best done as part of a plan, and you shouldn’t be doing them all day every day because your muscles will get tired. And when we spoke with Dr. Siegel they explained that the exercises can get progressively harder as we practice them. 

“As with all exercise, we encourage women to set realistic goals, so we suggest that you use Elvie Trainer three times a week as a minimum. However, physiotherapists recommend that you do pelvic floor exercises at least once a day.”

When will I see results? 

It’s not going to take forever, but it’s also not going to take 5 minutes. Don’t be too patient here, you should expect to see some kind of results after a week of training. 

If you don’t it may be because you’re not working the muscles in the right way. A pelvic floor exerciser like Elvie Trainer eliminates that problem with real-time feedback, so you’ll know if you’re doing your exercises properly immediately. 

If you continue to see no results, it could mean the issue you’re trying to improve won’t be fixed with Kegels. At that point, you should consider speaking with a doctor. 

After you begin to notice some improvements the name of the game is being consistent. Boring but true. You have to keep going to keep the results. Long-term problems like a weakened pelvic floor require some commitment to regular training and remember that prevention is much better than cure so it’s best to start before you need to. 

Build a Kegel habit

Because it’s so important to do your Kegel training over a long period of time, motivation is crucial. When it comes to motivation, we find the best way to get going is to remind ourselves why we’re doing it. Keep your goals front of mind and make yourself accountable. 

Of course, you can do Kegels without a pelvic floor trainer, but the Elvie pelvic floor trainer is linked to an app that will help make exercising more fun. It will also give you real-time guidance and allow you to track your progress. 

Think of it as you might think of some new workout gear – they make running that 5K much more appealing, and a shiny new Elvie Trainer will definitely kickstart your Kegel exercise routine. 

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