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Introducing SmartRhythm™ pumping

Available on iOS. Coming soon to Android.

What the pump is a SmartRhythm™? 

To find the flow of your feeding journey, you’ve got to get into the rhythm of things— a pumping rhythm. 

This controls how your Elvie Pump suctions against your nipple while telling your pump what timings it should follow and how much pressure it should apply before releasing again. 

Depending on the changing needs of your feed, you can choose between four pumping rhythms and save your preferences.

What are the different SmartRhythms™ to choose from?

When first using Elvie Pump, it’s set to begin in Single-Switch, which automatically switches from Stimulation to Expression mode when the pump detects let-down. 

But now with SmartRhythm™  pumping, you have the choice between three additional pumping rhythms to truly personalise your experience: 

Illustration of vibration pattern emitting from the milk collecting part of an Elvie pump, to symbolise multi-switch mode


If you want more frequent let-downs when you pump, you can choose Multi-Switch rhythm, where the pump repeatedly cycles between Stimulation and Expression to optimise your milk output.

Illustration of the vibration pattern of express and collect mode, emitting from the milk collecting part of an Elvie pump

Express and Collect

If you’re having heavier let-downs and milk flow, Express and Collect rhythm adapts the pump to help manage heavy milk output and any associated leaking.

Illustration of vibration pattern for slow and gentle mode, emitting from the milk collecting part of an Elvie pump

Slow and Gentle

And if you’re experiencing sensitivity or need a lighter touch, you can choose Slow and Gentle rhythm to make pumping more comfortable—that way, you can pump for longer. 

All controlled seamlessly through the Pump with Elvie app, it’s easy to find the rhythm you need for your feed. 

How can SmartRhythm™ help me?

We know that no feeding journey’s the same (and can even vary daily!) That’s why our new pumping rhythms feature, SmartRhythm™ , is customisable. This helps you optimise milk output while managing hurdles like sensitive nipples or heavier let-down. 

But don’t just take our word for it.

Watch lactation consultant and milk master, Stacey Zimmels, as she talks through pumping rhythms and how they can help.

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