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Capture bonus milk in-bra with hassle-free, one-press expression

Less hassle than a traditional manual pump, Elvie Curve lets you effortlessly collect even more milk in three ways: while breastfeeding on the other breast, pumping on the other breast, or whenever your breast feels full. 

And, unlike other silicone breast pumps, Elvie Curve is contoured to neatly fit in your bra—no jutting out, so you’re free to be out and about. 

One-press expression

Easy to use, simply press the silicone pouch in-bra to activate a continuous natural suction. Then, press the pouch again whenever you need more suction to keep the milk flowing. Express up to 4 oz/120 ml of milk at a time.

Hands-free, all-in-bra design

Our discreet, curved design fully tucks in-bra, so there’s no need to hold the pump to your breast. Instead, use your hands to hold your baby, coffee, and whatever needs mama’s attention.

Comfort control Valve

Milk-filled breasts have met their match. Soft-touch silicone and Valve easily adjust suction, so you’re in control of your comfort. Then, painlessly remove the pump by releasing the pressure via Valve—no pinched skin for the win.

Kick-proof security

Elvie Curve’s wearable in-bra design means you don’t need to worry about it being accidentally knocked or kicked off your breast when your little one is feeding. No crying over spilled milk here, mama.

Get a load of these features

4 oz/120 ml: Bonus milk that would otherwise go to waste when you let down while breastfeeding or pumping.

One-way Valve: Control pressure for comfortable use and removal.

Travel-friendly:  Cord-free, portable, lightweight, and no batteries to worry about— the ideal travel companion. 

Safe from spills: Elvie Curve lies stably on its front to avoid spilled milk after use. 

Easy to clean: Dishwasher safe and only 2 parts to clean. 

BPA free: Safe for mother and baby. Made with food safe silicone, and free from BPA and phthalates.  

What's in the box?

box contents
  • 1 Frame
  • 1 Pouch
  • Instructions for Use

90-day warranty on Elvie Curve. For complete information, see FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

How much milk you collect with Elvie Curve is a personal thing, as milk flow varies greatly between women. It can be impacted by where you are in your feeding journey, when you last fed and what you are doing at the time! n.b. Elvie Curve is a silicone breast pump - it uses natural suction to gently express milk during letdown, rather than an electronic mechanism like Elvie Pump.

Elvie Curve uses natural suction, making it ideal for gently expressing milk during let-down while feeding or pumping on the other breast, or whenever your breasts feel full. Elvie Curve is especially useful for women who wish to gently express milk with minimal additional effort. Designed to be worn in-bra, it can be used without risk of being knocked off by your baby, and is small and compact, making it convenient solution for mother's on-the-go or who travel. It can also be used on the other breast to a single Elvie Pump, giving you the freedom to move.

Elvie Curve has been designed with your comfort in mind. If the suction feels too high, lightly press the Valve at the top of the Pouch to release a small amount of pressure, as shown below. If the suction feels too low, re-squeeze the Pouch through your bra to generate more suction. We recommend squeezing the Pouch every couple of minutes to maintain a steady suction while you are using Elvie Curve, but you'll learn what works best for you!

Elvie Curve is an intimate product. For hygiene and safety reasons, it can only be used by one person.

This means that once the tamper seal is broken, you will not be able to return it to us or to a retailer unless it is faulty. Please refer to our Terms of Sale for full details about your rights.

For your peace of mind, Elvie Curve has a 90 day warranty. For full details see

We also have a Customer Care Team who are ready and waiting to help you through your pumping journey.

More questions? Read Elvie Curve FAQs ⟶