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5 Signs He's a New Dad

5 Signs He's a New Dad


  1. Nothing phases him. Between what went down in the delivery room to the inexplicable force of newborn poops, he's seen every bodily function and doesn’t flinch. Even better—his reflexes are on point during the messiest diaper changes.


  1. Actually, one thing phases him... installing the car seat. The online reviews said it was supposed to be easy. So why has he been cursing from the car for the last 45 minutes?  


  1. He doesn't care that your mother is around 24/7. In fact, he never wants her to leave. 


  1. His instincts (about you!) are spot on. He knows just when to say, "You look pretty" (even if you haven't showered and have spit-up in your hair) or, "You go back to sleep, I've got this feeding.”


  1. He’s all in. He can't do a proper swaddle or align the snaps on a onesie whether it's broad daylight or 3am. But that doesn't stop him from giving everything 110% (except when he's out cold on the living room floor). The best part? He's a total natural at rocking a cranky baby to sleep during the witching hour. 


So to all the dads (newbies or old pros), thanks for doing what you do. Happy Father’s Day!