Published on 9th June 2017


Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

  • It’s way too early to exercise. I need my sleep. (Hit the snooze button.)

  • It’s way too late to exercise. I had such a long day at work. (Plop down on couch with takeout and cue up Netflix.)

  • I’ll do it later. (Um, yeah, sure.)

  • I’ll go to that class next week. (See above.)

Workout ruts happen to us all. Our go-to classes start to feel stale. We’d much rather hide under the covers than go for yet another boring treadmill jog. And when our jobs get crazy, fitness moves down the to-do list. Get your mojo back with these 6 tips:

  1. Find Your Jam: Maybe your best friend is obsessed with barre classes or your sister spends half of her paycheck on Soul Cycle. Just because they love it doesn’t mean you will. A workout should feel like work, but it should also be fun. Running outdoors with a fitness tracker might be what gets you out of bed in the morning. Or maybe the spiritual and physical combo of yoga is what you’ll crave after a long day at work. Try out a few things to find your sweet spot… and end the dread.

  2. Challenge Yourself: From Fitbits to apps, tracking your workout progress is empowering. Not only will you get instant gratification (10,000 steps! 4.8 miles! 40 pulses!), but you can visualize the big picture of your hard work over time. We love nothing more than seeing and feeling the results of a #SqueezeSquad session!

  3. Have a Goal: Whether you want to rock a bikini this summer, hold a plank for more than two seconds, or not pee a little bit when you laugh (hello, new mamas!), working toward a tangible goal gives you a reason to stay in it for the long haul. Aside from the ultimate prize of looking good and building strength, treating yourself to something special adds an extra motivation boost.

  4. Have a Plan: Between work, family, and personal obligations, life can feel chaotic. Be realistic about your time and your schedule so it won’t feel overwhelming or impossible to fit in exercise. Know your limits: If you’re not a morning person, don’t sign up for a 6am boot camp. If working out at work adds extra stress, don’t force it. Create a weekly schedule to map out what you want to accomplish, the logistics, and how it jives with your body’s natural rhythms and This will always evolve as your life does. A new mom probably doesn’t have 2 hours to go to a class at a set time on a set day. She may have better luck (and results) by doing fitness DVDs at home when her baby is napping.

  5. Try the Buddy System: This new study proves that exercise is socially contagious—our friends inspire our workout patterns and performance. Make a date with a pal to power walk on Saturday mornings or shake it at Zumba.

  6. Refresh Your Workout Wardrobe. When you feel good about how you look—especially when you’re working out—it makes hitting the gym an even better experience. Buy a sexy sports bra that peeks out through your tank top or some bright, patterned leggings.

What gets you out of a workout rut? Fill us in!