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6 Top Tips for Oscar Night

6 Top Tips for Oscar Night


1. Watch it Live

It’s all about the suspense and there’s nothing fun about finding out who won Best Actress from Instagram. There are so many incredible true stories at this year’s Oscars, which means a lot of meaningful speeches. Keep the tissues ready!

2. Wear your best gown

Who says only the stars and starlets can get dressed up? Throw on your best frock and kick up your feet, we promise you’ll feel just as elegant as the Oscar attendees.


3. Gather friends and family

Judging is always more fun with others. Red carpet best and worst, Jimmy Kimmel jokes (he’s this year’s host), shock as your Hollywood fave misses out on their award. These moments are meant to be shared.

4. Place your bets

A little competition between friends is healthy, right? Not to mention, it always makes things more entertaining. Get everyone to write down their guess for each top award and nominate a prize for the winner! Box of chocolates, a bottle of bubbly, or if you’re cruel enough - make them clean up at the end of the night.

5. Use your elvie

All the nominees of the top Academy Awards will receive an Elvie, so why not join the Oscar’s #SqueezeSquad? Get out your Elvie during the ad-breaks and squeeze with the stars. Don't have one?


6. Buy one here!