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A Helping Hand for New Mums

A Helping Hand for New Mums

We do feel really vulnerable after having a baby though – however that baby was delivered.  If we’re lucky, we’re given a leaflet on pelvic floor exercises after giving birth, but this often gets lost in the chaos that is bringing a new baby home.

Nature is great at taking care of things in the normal course of events though and so all should return to normal in due course.   However, ‘normal’ these days doesn’t often include much in the way of rest and recovery for new mums, with the ever-present pressure to return to your pre-baby body and be a SuperMum.

So a couple of months down the line when you’ve started to settle into a routine with your little one, you start to notice that all doesn’t feel quite right ‘down there’.  Where did you file those notes on pelvic floor exercises again? Even if you did keep the notes, how do you know if you’re doing them properly?  What if it doesn’t ‘feel right’?

I always recommend my clients seek the advice and support of a female health physio, for a comprehensive assessment, personalised approach and peace of mind. Your experience beyond the physio’s couch though can be a bit different. What did she say again about how to lift? Do you need to work on ‘letting it go’?  

We all need a little help from time to time.  Elvie can provide that help. I think the greatest thing about seeing a female health physio is the biofeedback you receive – being able to see, feel and hear your pelvic floor through her screens is incredibly powerful in helping you connect with your muscles. How do you replicate that feedback when you’re not with the physio?


You use Elvie.

Elvie is easy to use and the visual display appears on your smartphone, giving you the visual feedback that again ‘closes the loop’ between your brain and core muscles. The interactive display shows your contractions and, importantly for me, when you relax too.

Why is this important?

Whilst a lax pelvic floor can result in a range of difficulties, a pelvic floor that is too tight can also cause discomfort and issues.

Returning to exercise too soon, using inappropriate exercises or holding your tummy in for too long can all contribute to inadvertently overworking your pelvic floor.

Again, Elvie is there for you. The display clearly shows the extent of your pelvic floor contraction, your ability to maintain that contraction and your ability to release that contraction. In this way, Elvie helps to restore your core muscles to their former glory whilst supporting you in those everyday activities such as lifting your child….and all the equipment they need!

This all contributes to building your confidence; being able to bounce on the trampoline with your little one or even sneeze and laugh without any worries…


By Lisa Gimenez-Codd


Lisa Gimenez-Codd is a personal trainer specialising in women’s health.  Tailoring your fitness and nutrition around periods, pregnancy, post-natal, peri-menopause and beyond – because being a woman should be fun!