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What does the Founder of Perfect Balance Clinic want for Christmas?

What does the Founder of Perfect Balance Clinic want for Christmas?

Perfect Balance Founder Sara Randall

Since graduating with a Midwifery degree in 2002, Sara Randall has worked as a midwife within the NHS. She is also qualified as an Osteopath, specialising in pregnancy-related musculoskeletal pains, breastfeeding issues and the treatment of newborns and children following a traumatic birth using osteopathy.

Sara founded the Perfect Balance Clinic on the mantra of "the belief that the treatment of pain and injury is a team occupation" and over the years the clinic has built up an incredible team of specialists dedicated to providing clients with the expertise they deserve.

As the UK's only osteopath, lactation specialist AND midwife, mother-of-two Sara spends most of her time devoting her attention to others. In the spirit of Christmas, we decided to turn the tables and ask what she'd put on her must-have wish list. Here's what she said:

1. Sparkly nails

"First of all, as a practitioner who needs to use her hands a lot, I’d really benefit from having my nails painted. They would have to be a nice festive colour of course – with a bit of sparkle!"

2. Some well deserved pampering

"Something I haven’t done for a long, long time is a day at a spa. Luton Hoo would be a nice venue as it is close to home for me. I used to go to a spa once a year with my mum and sisters but since I’ve had my two boys and been working hard in the fields of osteopathy and midwifery, the opportunity to treat myself hasn’t arisen. A bit of pampering in a lovely environment with delicious food would be so lovely! I hope Father Christmas is good to me this year!"

3. Sweet smells

"As a spa day is probably unlikely, I’d really like a lovely scented candle, from somewhere like Molton Brown or Espa. Once my boys are in bed and my emails are answered, it’s nice to relax with a lit candle that makes my house smell lovely and helps me to relax after a hard day’s work."

4. Time with a Yogi

"Something else to help me unwind would be a yoga class, perhaps with Nadia Narain. It would be good for my soul! Yoga is a lovely way to zone out of everyday pressures and worries – a real opportunity to relax and chill out."

5. A fab workout outfit

"Something that would be essential if I were to do a yoga course would be the outfit! I love Sweaty Betty, so a gift voucher to spend in one of their stores would be perfect. The clothes are very stylish and so comfortable – I’d want to look the part whilst working hard to relax and connect to my inner self!

As an extra thing to add and not necessarily part of my top five Christmas wish list, I would love to take my boys ice skating at the British Museum once the school term has finished. They are perhaps a bit young this year, but maybe next year. I’ll have to learn to ice skate myself first though!"

We're sure a lot of women (especially mothers) will be reading this and recognising a lot of Sara's list as being on their own. After all, a scented candle or manicure is hardly a lot to ask for.

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