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America’s first impressions of Elvie Pump

America’s first impressions of Elvie Pump

There’s a lot of much needed progress going on in the world of femtech at the moment. Around the world women can now create sonograms at home, track periods more accurately and, of course, pump with freedom. 2019 saw the launch of Elvie Pump in the US and it’s rapidly sold to all corners of the country. We want to celebrate more women having access to the latest technology by sharing some of the first reactions from American women.

The advice from The American Academy of Pediatrics is to entirely breastfeed infants for the first six months before gradually introducing solid foods. Whatever you choose, whatever your body allows and whatever your lifestyle requires it’s likely a well designed pump will help. Having something electric, hands-free and wearable means you may well be sat next to someone pumping right now and not even know it. That’s how great technology makes a real difference.

A wearable pump gives time and choice back to women, empowering us to go on with our daily lives. The little things that bring happiness to life like cooking, playing with the kids, and lunches out with friends are all now a lot more accessible.

Let’s take a peek at some of the figures showing where in America Elvie Pump has traveled to. In the US, the Elvie Pump has been mostly adopted in the south of the country. Almost 2 out of 10 women who got the Elvie Pump live in California, Texas and New York are the next most popular while women living in Nebraska and Mississippi haven’t discovered the pump yet. 

US moms first reactions

Now that Elvie Pump has nipped across the pond we’ve got a lovely bunch of early feedback. Here are some early US customers sharing their first pumping impressions:

Shanna Winberg is a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurse and for her,  “the @elvie breast pump is a game changer. Instead of being chained to a traditional pump, I'm able to move around and do errands and even travel whilst pumping discreetly. I was pumping in-flight today and no one was the wiser!

No more rushing back to the house to keep my pump schedule, I can pump on the go! The suction is so gentle too- it feels like a nursing baby”.

“The Elvie breast pump is a game changer. [...]  I'm able to move around and do errands and even travel whilst pumping discreetly.”

Working at home or in an office and breast pumping simultaneously can get complicated sometimes: every minute can be precious and silence is often your best friend. Jacinte, director of her creative agency, has been looking for a solution that allows her to combine both work and breast pumping with ease. That is why she has the Elvie Pump to help her. Go Jacinte! Here are her kind words:

“I’ve been waiting for a hands-free and quiet pump solution... Today I pumped for the first time at work with my Elvie double pump and it was such a positive experience — the usability of the pump and the app were dead simple. The sound of my milk letting down into the compartments + watching the milk animation increase in the app view of my collection were standout moments! More to come! ... I have so many feelings! This is all terribly groundbreaking for us working ladies! Hands-free life!”.

“This is all terribly groundbreaking for us working ladies! Hands-free life!”.

Jamie Baker is a photographer living in Los Angeles and to her, there’s definitely no comparison with her old pump: “Now that I think about my old pump I get it, the visual of the plastic parts with nipples being pulled to their limits is a little crazy if you aren’t used to it. I wish there was @elvie back then. Not only is this pump smaller than the old one I had, it’s super quiet and discreet. My job has changed but my need to pump out of the house has not and this pump is making that easier. Yesterday I pumped in traffic (which will likely happen a lot because I live in Los Angeles). Also, there are no bags with @elvie which makes my Earth-loving heart sing”

“My job has changed but my need to pump out of the house has not and this pump is making that easier.”

The vlogger Channon Rose was also waiting to get her new Elvie Pump. When she received it, she gave the silent features a whirl while her child slept. You can watch her entire review on our Youtube channel but in a nutshell, this is what she particularly enjoyed about it: “The difference between this and my pump that I normally use is one is much smaller, it’s cordless, way more convenient but also the suction of it is a lot more gentle. [...] This is such a great gift for someone because makes life so much easier”.

Whatever they do, wherever they live but most importantly wherever they use Elvie Pump, the US mums seem to agree on one thing: they love it!