Published on 8th August 2016

I’m Jess and I run BuggyFit classes between Brighton and Shoreham. BuggyFit classes run up and down the country and they’re a great opportunity to meet like minded mummas and get out in the fresh air to exercise.

Class includes cardio work for fat burning, resistance bands for toning and appropriate postnatal core and pelvic floor strengthening.  

Just some of the class benefits:

  • Exercising outdoor in the fresh air is fabulous for mental wellbeing, it boosts levels of serotonin – the body’s natural happy hormone, helping you to feel more energised.  

  • No need for childcare as baby comes too, but you get an hour of time to do something for yourself.

  • Your instructor is on hand to assist should baby need a bit of entertaining in the buggy.

  • Exercise has been associated with reducing the chances of postnatal depression.

  • No matter your fitness level, there are adaptations to make the class suitable for you.

  • Many classes run throughout the holiday and what’s more, if it’s raining, BuggyFit mummas are still training so there’s always a support network there for you.

  • Functional movements are incorporated, assisting your everyday activities being a mum- ‘movement is medicine’ and exercise can be great for relieving tension and stiffness.

  • You’re surrounded by other mums to motivate you and class is a regular occurrence, something for you to look forward to throughout the week, that’s not a baby class.

  • Buggyfit socials are a regular occurrence and my classes always start with a short intro, so everyone gets to know each other- there’s nothing worse than a clique mum and baby group!  

I love teaching my classes and always feel invigorated and my mood lifted, even if I’ve had a difficult night, morning or afternoon with my 15 month old daughter. It’s the same for the mummas who attend.

When it comes to postnatal body confidence, it took 9 months for pregnancy, it will take at least that to get your body back to a pre-pregnancy state.  

Please remember, other mums may look like they’re ‘back to normal’ but each body has gone through an awful lot on the inside. They could have a weak pelvic floor, be experiencing leakage or even Diastasis recti. This is separation of the abdominals muscles, common postnatally but unlikely to be checked by your GP and unless treated correctly can leave you with a ‘mum tum pouch.’ All these area are focused upon in BuggyFit sessions, giving you a full body workout, inside and out!

If you’re exercising you’re more inclined to improve your nutrition in order to achieve results - eating whole foods, grains, a variety of fruit and veg and plenty of protein to aid recovery after exercise and childbirth too. Don’t forget, ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ so nutrition is key to achieving your body goals.  

If you’re not happy with how your clothes fit and you’re able to do so, boost your confidence and buy a few new pieces to flatter your current body composition. Get the whole family involved in exercise. Spend family time out walking with the buggy, use hills to get your heart rate up but make sure you’re walking with correct technique – keep your shoulders back and down, chest up and open, handle bars high enough so you have a 90 degree elbow bend.  

There’s lots of exercises you can do at home, from tricep dips on a chair to using the stairs to step up and get your heart rate raised to squats and lunges. The list goes on and your BuggyFit trainer will have lots of suggestions for you. Getting your partner on board for a #FitFam will help keep you motivated as ‘team work makes the dream work’  

If there’s one thing to be confident about as a starter, it’s the fact you have grown a baby for 9 months and gone through incredible changes to bring your baby into the world.  So when you’re lacking in body confidence, remind yourself of why your body has changed. You’re Super Mum!

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Jess Daltrop

BuggyFit Trainer, BSc(Hons) Health Promotion & Fitness Management