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Chronicles of a New Mum: 5 Ways to be Healthy This Week

Chronicles of a New Mum: 5 Ways to be Healthy This Week

1. Be Mindful. It’s easy to get caught up in my never-ending to-do list. Add a smartphone to the mix, and I’m constantly distracted because of that magnetic pull to check my texts, emails, Instagram, Facebook, or Google something (“how many times should a four month old wake up during the night?”). I don’t want to look back on these fleeting years of having a little one and wish I was more present. So, to learn how to do that, I’m going to try Headspace, an app that guides you through mindful meditation in just ten minutes a day (their trial is called Take 10 and it’s free!). Even the busiest person can find ten minutes, right? Sessions are led by a meditation and mindfulness expert who sounds almost identical to Jude Law, if you ask me. Aside from getting a better handle on how to live in the moment, I think it will help with feeling less stressed overall. Who’s with me?

2. Eat More Vegetables. In what can only be described as complete laziness, I often grab a handful of crackers when I’m hungry because I don’t feel like putting in the “effort” to slice up veggies (which are better for me and have zero calories). And when dinner rolls around, I’m never in the mood to make a salad or roast broccoli either. But, I’m going to buy the vegetables and eat them this week. Less carbs, more veggies. Let’s do this!

3. Power Walk. It’s hard to make it to the gym. We’re still not on a predictable schedule and childcare is tricky. But I’ve got the stroller and a baby that enjoys sleeping in it. So, I’m going to take brisk, long walks at least four times a week. You know, the kind that involves actually wearing proper shoes and breaking a sweat.

4. Put Down the Phone. As I mentioned in challenge number 1, my phone is a huge distraction. And even after the baby is asleep, sometimes I spend the bulk of my night aimlessly scrolling through social media when I could be doing something that makes me happy like reading a book or having a conversation with my husband, ya know, that nice guy on the couch next to me? There’s tons of research out there that proves phones even ruin our sleep if you look at them right before bed (and we all know that new mums need as much sleep as we can get). So, I’m going to try not to be on my phone much in the evenings unless I really need to be. And I won’t keep it next to my bed to avoid the temptation of a pre-snooze scroll. 

5. Up My Water Intake. Water is so good for overall health, skin, and energy, but I always forget to drink it steadily throughout the day. Especially since I’m breastfeeding, it’s super important to be hydrated. So, I’m going to fill up my favorite S’well water bottle (which keeps drinks cold for literally 24 hours) and tote it around with me as a reminder to chug away!

Those five challenges seem doable, right? What are yours?

By Jess