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Chronicles of a New Mum: A Morning Miscommunication

Chronicles of a New Mum: A Morning Miscommunication

Apparently sleep regressions come out in full force when babies are busy learning new skills. This makes sense because my daughter has become an expert at rolling from her back onto her stomach (although she doesn’t quite know what to do once she’s on her stomach which keeps things interesting).

After getting her back to sleep around 5:45am this morning, I (shockingly) felt a wave of energy come over me. I decided that rather than go back to bed, I should do the Yoga DVD I ordered two months ago that’s still in the packaging. This is what people do, right? They work out in the morning, and feel refreshed, fabulous and ready to take on the world. It was about time I got on board the morning exercise bandwagon. No more excuses. 

Careful not to wake my husband, I tiptoed out of our room, went down to the basement in my PJs, unrolled my yoga mat, and started the DVD. Approximately seven minutes into a lovely sun salutation sequence, I hear my husband frantically yelling, “Jess???? JESS!!!!?”

He came barreling down the stairs, holding our wide-awake daughter in her sleep sack, and blurted out, “DID YOU NOT HEAR THE BABY CRYING HYSTERICALLY? I THOUGHT YOU WERE KIDNAPPED.”


Apparently my husband believed there was a more realistic chance of me being abducted from our bed (while sleeping next to him) than exercising.

I guess I can see his point. It’s not exactly like a morning workout is something I do regularly—or at all. And it was barely 6am. He couldn’t imagine where I could possibly be while the baby was screaming at the top of her lungs (and I couldn’t hear her from two levels down).

Lesson learned: Tell my husband the next time I have the urge to workout before sunrise so he doesn’t file a missing person’s report.