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Chronicles of a New Mum: Adventures with Baby Food

Chronicles of a New Mum: Adventures with Baby Food

Starting solid foods is a learning process for parents and babies. It takes lots of patience and laundry detergent. The face my daughter made during her first bite of apples was priceless. You’d think we gave her a shot of lemon juice. So far, most of the food ends up on her face and clothes, rather than in her tummy. But, apparently it takes babies time to get used to trying new tastes and textures before the real mealtime magic happens.

And don’t bother using those fancy, monogrammed bibs people always buy as baby gifts. They’ll get stained within .000002 seconds. Go for simple, cheap bibs- and lots of them. Or try those cool waterproof bibs that can just be wiped clean, rather than put in the washing machine.

Our pediatrician said to start by introducing one new food at a time, for at least a few days, to spot an allergic reaction. Breastmilk or formula is still their main source of nutrition, so don’t stress if they’re not eating too much food at the beginning.

According to Pinterest, it’s easy to make your own purees by just steaming or baking fruits and veggies, then blending in a food processor. You can also use ice trays to freeze food in perfect cube sized portions. I tried to make steamed carrots and actually charred the bottom of my pot. (What does that tell you about my cooking for grownups?) So, I still have some work to do… For now, I’ll stick with the pre-made stuff in those cute, tiny jars.

I’ve also noticed that when it comes to feeding, timing is everything. If she’s really hungry, she actually won’t eat much. She’s frustrated by those strange purees and just wants her milk. So, I’ve been feeding her food about an hour or so after she’s had a bottle.

Ready to start with your baby? Don’t worry, you’ll get used to smelling like peas. (It’s better than spit-up!)

By Jess