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Chronicles of a New Mum: Baby’s First Road Trip

Chronicles of a New Mum: Baby’s First Road Trip

We had pretty low expectations for success, so we were pleasantly surprised by how not stressful it actually was. She was a delightful road trip companion and slept quite a bit, looked out the window, and discovered that she could put her feet in her mouth.

If you’re planning a road trip with your little one, here are some tips I learned along the way:

  • Bring several changes of clothes in your diaper bag. You don’t want to have to go rummaging through the luggage (which is probably at the bottom of the stack in your trunk) to retrieve clean clothes.
  • Use a light swaddle blanket as a sunshade over the car seat if it’s really bright or as an impromptu nursing cover (I nursed in the car when we stopped to get gas or a snack several times and I appreciated the extra coverage).
  • Don’t bring a zillion baby toys. I had a whole shopping bag full of those sensory toys and books. All she really wanted was to chew on a teething toy and snooze. So, do yourself a favor and save the space. Babies at this age (5 months) aren’t really all that demanding when it comes to entertainment.
  • Be prepared to change diapers in the car in case the places you stop don’t have changing tables.
  • And along those lines, be prepared for massive diaper blowouts. Maybe it’s due to the car seat positioning, but we had some pretty epic diaper situations. Toss some gallon sized plastic bags in your diaper bag if you need somewhere to put dirty clothes. This definitely came in handy for us. Oh, and lots and lots of wipes, too!
  • Take your time. There’s really no rush, and with a baby you’ll probably have to stop more than usual.

Someone once told me that traveling with a baby is a relocation, not a vacation. So true. We had a great time, but between all the packing and unpacking, setting up contraptions and breaking down contraptions, it’s really nice to be home.

By Jess