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Chronicles of a New Mum: Making Memories

Chronicles of a New Mum: Making Memories

Luckily, there are a few low maintenance ways to keep tabs without it feeling like a part-time job:

Get a journal and simply write down one sentence about your baby each day. It doesn't have to be a huge milestone. Even the littlest details will be fun to look back on down the road. I can barely remember what we did last week, so I'm certain I won't recall anything years from now. Before my daughter was born, a friend got me a cute little book, Mom's One Line a Day. It provides the space to write a one-liner to document each day over a five-year span. So, it'll be really cool to compare what happened on the same day over different years. And since it only takes about five seconds to scribble down a note, it's actually really easy to keep up. I leave mine on the nightstand next to my bed, so I can jot my memory down at the end of the day.

(09/21/16: So many toys, and all you want to do is play with the TV remote. 9/26/16: Stroller got jammed in the door frame of the coffee shop, nice lady helped us wiggle through. 10/1/16: First time trying hummus... not a fan!)

Another way to feel somewhat organized with the ridiculous amount of baby photos is to get an app like Tiny Beans, which prompts you to upload one (or several) photos each day. So even if you never get around to making a full fledged photo album, you know you'll have a photo for every day and a month of great memories organized before you know it. You can easily turn those into cute books through the app.

I also try to do big photo uploads to a program like Picasa and then batch delete photos so my phone doesn't get totally overloaded.

What are some of your favorite ways to track and organize life with a baby?