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Chronicles of a New Mum: Namaste? Not Quite.

Chronicles of a New Mum: Namaste? Not Quite.

There’s a Baby & Me class at the studio a few blocks from my house and I was determined to go. Maybe I’d meet some new mom friends, or at least get in a little bit of a workout. (If I’m going to wear yoga pants daily, I might as well do some actual yoga.) The class begins at 10. My daughter usually wakes up around 6am. So, if we started getting ready immediately, we could probably make it in time. Just kidding… sort of. Have you ever tried to get a baby out of the house? Between all the spit-ups, outfit changes, and packing the diaper bag, it can take forever.

Yoga is supposed to help you feel relaxed and stress-free, but worries were swirling around in my head. What if I was the only one with a screaming baby? What if she poops? Do I change her diaper right there in the studio or the bathroom? Do they have changing tables? If she’s hungry, do I breastfeed in front of all those people or pump at home and bring a bottle? Can I even do a plank anymore?

There should really be some kind of training to prep for this class.

In between my worrying, I managed to pack up the stroller and get us out of the house in time. I even remembered the yoga mat. I told myself to chill. We can do this.

It’s amazing how being a new mom can pull you so far out of your comfort zone and make such simple things feel like a huge deal. Before having a baby, I did yoga all the time. It was my happy place. I didn’t think twice about how I was getting there. All I needed to bring was my mat, water bottle, and purse. Today, with all the stuff I packed for my baby, it looked like we were going to move in.

Issue number one: my stroller is the size of a Buick and there was nowhere to “park” it inside. Most of the other moms used baby carriers. (Note to self – learn how to use the baby carrier ASAP.) Luckily one of the ladies at the front desk saw the sheer panic in my face and helped me squeeze into a spot near the herbal tea.

Okay, we’re in. I looked at my daughter and said, “Let’s do this, girlfriend.” She was not amused.

The last time I stepped foot in this yoga studio, I was nine months pregnant, anxiously anticipating giving birth and being a mom. And now, here I am a couple of months later with the little girl who was in my belly. (Sniff, sniff. Oh, hormones...)

We got set up in class and she started to cry. I broke into a sweat (why is it 95 degrees in here???) and seriously considered rolling my mat back up and fleeing the scene. But then I looked around and noticed that most babies were crying, fussing, having a diaper change, or feeding... No one was judging anyone. We all were just happy to be out of the house, in the company of other sleep-deprived, leaky-boobed new moms. We had high hopes of appearing to know what the heck we were doing, while sneaking in a workout.

Today, I essentially spent 20 bucks to feed and change my baby while sitting on a yoga mat. But I forced myself to try something new, even though I was scared. I’m learning that the more I accept that nothing will go according to my plan, the easier it is. My baby is going to cry, poop, or spit-up at very inopportune times. But that is exactly why I have 600 items in my diaper bag. I’ll deal with it and we’ll make it home in one piece, somehow.

By Jessica