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Chronicles of a New Mum: Pregnancy Pampering 101

Chronicles of a New Mum: Pregnancy Pampering 101

Prenatal Massage

This indulgence is so worth it. One of my friends bought me a gift card to a lovely spa in my neighborhood. (And for this grand gesture, I will love her forever.) Lounging in a fluffy robe, reading magazines, sipping cucumber water, and then having a soothing 75-minute massage was the best present for my tired, achy self. If you can swing it, splurge on a massage, or two, or five, at some point in your pregnancy. Or give your best friends a hint.


When you feel like a beached whale, it can be really hard to motivate yourself to work out (well, at least for me it was). But I loved going to prenatal yoga. Sure, all the stretching and strengthening was good for my body, but it was good for my mind, too. It helped me take a break from worrying about labor and all the other wacky things that swirl around in a soon-to-be mum’s head and just breathe (something that became increasingly hard to do as my growing baby claimed more space). The calming smell of lavender in the air and free tea and cookies after class were extra perks. The downside: Once, the teacher instructed us to give a massage to the random person on our left (so, so awkward!). The upside: Part of the class involved being propped up on a mound of pillows and literally not moving. It doesn’t get more zen than that.  

New Makeup

Makeup doesn’t care if your ankles are swollen or that you’re wearing elastic pants. Sometimes on the weekends, I would waddle over to my favorite cosmetics counter, buy a new stash of products, and get a free makeover. The bags under my eyes from tossing and turning all night were instantly gone. It’s the little things, I tell you.


A quick fix when you’re feeling big and/or blah is doing a little retail therapy. I didn’t dare step foot in a fluorescent lit dressing room (are you crazy?!), but buying a cute scarf, or fun accessory always boosted my spirits and made me feel more put together.


Lots of couples take a “babymoon” to enjoy some QT before baby makes three.  We did a weekend trip for some pre-baby R&R outside of the normal routine, which is the ultimate way to feel pampered.

Don’t worry – all of these things work just as well when you’re a new mum, too. You just need to find a babysitter.

By Jess