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Chronicles of a New Mum: The “Bedtime Routine”

Chronicles of a New Mum: The “Bedtime Routine”

At 6:08 on the nose, my delightful little gal decides she can no longer cope with the day. When she attempts to shove both hands in her mouth (while getting really frustrated that they don’t fit), it’s my cue to start our bedtime festivities.

I’m able to distract her for 10-12 seconds with some toys, but she’s far too tired to have anything to do with Sophie the Giraffe. She starts crying, which will continue until I feed her. Clearly, a “soothing bath” is not on the cards. I frantically change her diaper and put on some lotion (that’s technically an infant massage, right?). I sing The Wheels on the Bus while she wavers between crying and laughing. Then I fumble to get the onesie snaps aligned, make a mental note to only buy ones with zippers moving forward, and put on her sleep sack.

We sit down in the glider and she nosedives for my boob. (Guess we’re not reading a book either.) But finally, she’s happy and quiet and I let out a sigh of relief. After a few minutes, I start to see her eyes flutter closed. The blogs and books say not to let your baby fall asleep feeding. But if it happens, I say, “THANK YOU bedtime angels who know I desperately needed this night to be easy.” I scoop her up, gently lay her in the crib, turn on the sound machine, and tiptoe out of the room.

One day we’ll be able to pull off a nice bedtime routine of books, baths, and lullabies. But for now, this four-month-old just wants to go to sleep. (And, so does her mom.)

By Jess