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Chronicles of a New Mum: What I Wish I Appreciated More About the Newborn Stage

Chronicles of a New Mum: What I Wish I Appreciated More About the Newborn Stage

At 8 months old, my little explorer is a bundle of nonstop energy (and is even trying to crawl in her sleep). I love seeing her personality develop, but now I realize that I didn’t appreciate certain parts of those immobile newborn days as much as I should have. Yes, the first few months are kind of stressful since we have no idea what we’re doing as new parents, but when it comes to certain logistics, it’s a lot easier.

Here’s why:

    • Newborns don’t have the hand/eye coordination to smear avocado all over their face and hair
    • They can’t rip their bib off every single time you velcro it closed or try to grab the spoon and poke their eye with it while you’re feeding them lunch
    • They don’t do acrobatics on the changing table while you’re frantically trying to remove a dirty diaper with one hand and keep them from propelling off of it with the other
    • They fall asleep anywhere and everywhere (even in a loud, crowded room)
    • They don’t try to put everything they get their hands on in their mouth (like your hair, sunglasses, lint from the carpet…)
    • You can put them on an activity mat and know with 100% certainty they can’t go anywhere else in the blink of an eye
    • You can take a walk without having to bring an assortment of toys that always get tossed off the stroller when you don’t notice, never to be seen again
    • You don’t need baby gates all over your house (that most grown-ups can’t even figure out how to open)
    • Your coffee table, stairs, curtains, and cabinets didn’t set you into a total panic—now you wish your whole house was padded and nothing had corners
    • Newborns curl up in a ball and sleep on your chest, instead of squeezing your nose and trying to eat your necklace (oh, how I miss those snuggles!)

On the other hand, this stage (as wild as it feels) is filled with so much fun, joy and laughs. I love hearing her new squeals and screeches, watching her wave, and find so much happiness in the little things (just not actual little things she can shove in her mouth)!

By Jess