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Chronicles of a New Mum: Exercise and Excuses

Chronicles of a New Mum: Exercise and Excuses

I’m nine months into motherhood and still don’t feel quite like my old self. And a few weeks ago, I had that fateful “I-hate-everything-in-my-closet” moment where I realized that if I don’t make the effort to exercise and be more mindful about what I’m eating, then this could just be the new me.

The first few months of being a parent is definitely not for dieting. It’s for letting our bodies recover, fueling them with whatever food we need, and catching up on precious sleep whenever possible. But once we get a rhythm going, it’s a little easier to find time to get back to ourselves. Except, I always had an excuse. Taking care of a baby is exhausting. And when I finally had a minute to sit down, that’s exactly what I wanted to do: just sit down. I told myself I’d exercise later, or try that barre class tomorrow. And I always said yes to all of the dessert even though I knew I should just take a bite or two. After all, I deserved a huge cookie after chasing a crawling baby around the house all day, swooping in to thwart her plans to pull out electrical cords and roll under the coffee table.

A few weeks ago, after yet another morning of dreading getting dressed, I decided to just go for it and sign up for a fitness and eating plan. I knew a few people that did it and swore by it. I clearly wasn’t getting anywhere doing things on my own. So, what did I have to lose? Well, 15 pounds, actually…

Here’s the gist: it’s all about portion control, healthy fats in moderation, and getting the right nutrients for you. You follow a personalised meal plan- if you’re nursing, you just go up a bracket so you don’t mess with your milk supply. You also do a 30-minute DVD workout each day. They send two DVDs with about 10 workouts, so you’re always working something different and you don’t get bored.

I’m two weeks in and already seeing the difference. I definitely notice things slimming down. But mainly, I’m really proud of myself for following it every day, not cheating (except one night this weekend!), and never skipping a workout even when I was tired. It’s helped me “reset” my mentality that eating right and exercising can just be a normal part of life. And I’ve proven to myself that it really is possible to fit in a quick workout that’s helping me feel good about myself. I’ll definitely be sticking to this past 21 days, and that’s what’s important about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Basically what I am saying is if I can do it, anyone can. You just have to find the motivation to start.