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Exercising during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy

We've got some great tips for all the expectant mothers out there who want to stay active while looking after their bump. Better sleep, weight control, and increased body confidence are only a few of the benefits of exercising (whether pregnant or not), so it's definitely worth including into your routine.

Top Tips

As is probably quite evident, exercise during pregnancy comes with several things to be aware of, including potential risks. It's not recommended to try any new form of exercise in your first trimester, and of course, avoid any contact sports. 

It may seem obvious, but make sure you ask your GP or midwife if you have any concerns or uncertainties. There's definitely no such thing as a silly question regarding your body; you deserve to feel as comfortable and confident as you can, whether you're pregnant or not. 

What to try 

Kegels - These gentle little exercises are a simple but effective way to reduce the chance of prolapse and damage during childbirth. You can do them anywhere, anytime, and most importantly doesn't put you in any uncomfortable positions.

Swimming – Swimming is a great one for pregnant women; it’s low impact and potentially the safest choice. It works your whole body, and the ‘weightless’ feel it provides expectant mothers forget about the extra weight they’re carrying.

Walking -  Another low-impact exercise that has great health benefits. It can be done almost anywhere and has a low risk of injury. (Supportive shoes are a must, though)

Yoga Prenatal yoga is a great way to help strengthen your body through the changes and added strain of a growing baby. Yoga can also be used to help relieve any anxiety and tension you might be experiencing from the pregnancy or just from everyday life.

Pilates - Another option to keep your muscle tone and general strength up, as well as potentially reducing the trauma to your body caused by childbirth. 

Always listen to your body, take breaks when you need to, drink lots of water and wear comfortable clothing. Oh, and don't forget to have fun! 

The medical information in this article is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your doctor for guidance about a specific medical condition.

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