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Feel More Confident on Valentine’s Day with Dr. Carlen Costa

Feel More Confident on Valentine’s Day with Dr. Carlen Costa

Well, there is a key element to it all and that’s the relationship you have with your body. It’s important that if you’re going to love yourself and feel more confident in your own skin, that you actually love the skin you’re in, on the regular.

I choose to love myself daily. I choose to look in the mirror and tell myself that I am a confident woman. I want to own my body and love my orgasms. I want that to be my baseline from which I grow. One of the ways I have encouraged and supported love for myself, especially when it comes to my orgasms, is by getting a little help from my friends. My Elvie friends, that is.  One way to have deeper orgasms is by having well exercised pelvic floor muscles. Are you looking to regain control and core strength? Because that’s what I love about my Elvie. It encourages a strong pelvic floor, which helps prepare my body for the strains of potential pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and impact sports that I partake in. The Elvie is not only used internally, but it has a fun little feature that makes my work out more engaging. Elvie connects to an app so that I can track my progress and have fun at the same time. Generally speaking, Kegels should be a part of your regular health regime.  I’ve nurtured my relationship with my body and increased my orgasmic confidence through using my Elvie, my favourite pelvic floor exercise tracker. It’s revolutionary in that it is helps women grow bigger orgasms and fall in love with their bodies again. That’s the part that I love to share. Get connected with your sensual self, be confident in your temple, own your body – no matter what it looks like.

When we treat our bodies with mindfulness and assert our sensual selves, we actually become invincible. For some of you, a step to getting there might be with making a choice to start with an Elvie. Conscientious living and reconnection with your body, can start with your pelvic floor. Go ahead, ground yourself. Reconnect. Feel alive. Feel confident. Feel your life again.

Join me in building self confidence and love for ourselves. Check out the Elvie today.

Carlen Costa is one of Canada’s leading Sexologist and Relationship Experts, find out more about her by visiting her website here: