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Get Your Wedding Body the Lomax Way

Get Your Wedding Body the Lomax Way


You’ve been planning your wedding since age 13, and why not? You have got a very clear idea of what you want and every last detail is documented on Pinterest. After all that research, you’re pretty happy in the shape that you’re in and just want to maintain it until the big day.

My Job: Listen. Make sure your body stays exactly as you want it to be so no dress alterations are required (because of course you’ve already chosen a dress!)



You’re a more relaxed lady who is enjoying the process of being engaged, which was a total surprise (though secretly you knew he would pop the question while you were on that mini-break, admit it). You want everything to be perfect but require gentle encouragement towards explaining exactly how you would like to look on your big day.

My Job: Plan an organised training and nutrition plan that works alongside the wedding dress and planning process, but still lets you have fun before you tie the knot.



There is a sense of urgency, but mainly because you slightly underestimated just how long it takes to plan a wedding. Maybe you were determined to have a Summer wedding and now April is creeping up on you. You’re few weeks away from final fitting and want a last minute strategy for the day when you put the ring on your finger.

My Job: Don’t panic! Reassurance is key here. Trust me, all women look at their best on the big day, I’m just here to make sure you feel your best too.



Ok, this one is less of a strategy and more of a trend that’s been increasing recently. These are some of my favourite clients to work with as they are about to experience not just one but two of the happiest events of their live. A certain element of ‘disguise’ will be required on the day to detract from the bump. Baby will have his or her time in the limelight very soon, in the meantime your wedding is your day.

My Job:  Focus on the body parts we can tone and keep you happy and healthy.


No matter what your wedding planning strategy, the main thing is to train correctly up to the point of your dress fitting. To do this, focus on exercises that create lean muscles, increase your metabolic rate and increase the propensity to burn body fat. This is known as Metabolic Conditioning.

What is MetCon training?

The scientific explanation is as follows: a workout technique that optimizes the energy production systems of each cell in the body.

The layman’s explanation: a way of working out that will burn fat fast whilst building muscle and stamina more efficiently than you would in (any other workout) using a more classic, single focused training.

The specific exercises within the workout are not particularly relevant. What defines MetCon training is how you put the exercises together, how long you perform them for and how long (short!) you rest before starting again! Some of the most common types of MetCon training are:

  • High Intensity Interval Training – such as sprinting, spinning, skipping
  • Circuit Training – 3 or more exercise movements back to back with only a short rest period at the end of the circuit
  • Pairings – Jumping quickly from one exercise to another and repeating over again. Working within a fixed time period with no rest

Why does it work?

The secret to its success is in these three rules:

  1. Intensity - Go hard (eg. compound weight training with cardio intervals)
  2. Length – Keep it short (eg. 30-45 minutes)
  3. Rest– Short breaks (eg. rest every 3 minutes for 60 secs, or every 30 seconds for 10 seconds)

So what are the top tips?

The focus of our MetCon plan will be on 3 key areas, which will guarantee you results!

  1. Exercise Pairings - Use pairings of compound movements (the big exercises that use lots of muscles and really rev up the metabolic rate like squats & lunges, chin ups & press ups, etc), coupled with typical ‘cardio’ exercises that focus on the whole body movements like jumping, skipping, burpees, fast bench step-ups which you can do for 30 second intervals after your squats etc.
  2. Repetitions of Weight Exercises - We will be using a hypertrophy repletion range (muscle development repetition range 8-10). If you feel you are too bulky increase the repetition range to 15
  3. Tempo - The speed at which you do each repetition is very important as it will keep the weights lower, but keep the time under tension higher. This will prevent any bulking and instead focus on the technique, thus developing a longer leaner muscle. For example with squats, count 4 seconds on the way down, pause at the bottom for 2 seconds and then explode up.

By Jonathan Lomax 


Twitter: @thelomaxway