Written by Sarah Mansell Published on 7th December 2021

The best thing about planning a baby shower over the holidays? You’ve got a ready-made theme, of course. No need to worry about coming up with an elaborate idea. A festive Christmas theme will impress even the most seasoned baby shower guests. From wreath-making to baby shower games with a Christmas twist, these ideas will help you throw a heart-warming winter welcome for the new arrival.

Set the date!!!!!!

At the risk of sounding neurotic (or like Charlotte in Sex and the City – if you know, you know), set the date! Do this as early as mom feels comfortable. Christmas is usually the busiest time of year for everyone so diaries fill up quickly and coordinating a large group of people can be a bit of a logistical nightmare. You don’t want to arrange it last minute because key guests might be busy. And what’s a baby shower without your bezzie? If it works with mamas due date, get everyone together towards the beginning of December before your guests are committed to other parties. (Not that any will be better than this one).  

Holiday hosting 101

From the decorations to the finishing touches, it’s often the little things that make baby showers so magical. So go all out with the theme and turn your location into a setting worthy of Lapland. 

  • Try and set the tone for your baby shower early with themed invites and reminder emails. It will get your guests excited and give them a taste of what’s to come. 

  • No need for gendered pink or blue decorations. At Christmas, go all out with red, green, gold, and silver. And you won’t even need to buy anything new – just dig out your own Christmas decorations and ask other friends to contribute. It will give Santa’s grotto a run for its money.  

  • Tip: you can never have too many fairy lights. Hang them everywhere

  • Leave a stocking in the corner of the room for all the guests to put their gifts in, or you could even attempt to make a cardboard sleigh. Making unwrapping extra magical. 

  • Make a Christmas baby shower soundtrack. Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson and Step into Christmas by Elton John are nonnegotiable. 

Festive Feasts

You can extend the theme to your food, with Christmas-themed bites. No one expects a full meal at a baby shower, but it’s nice to have some food available for everyone to snack on. 

  • Two words: mince pies. You could even make them mini to fit with the baby theme. The only thing better than mince pies? Dozens of mini mince pies. 

  • Give your baby shower some ski lodge vibes with hot chocolate and marshmallows for all the guests. You could even spike them with some optional Bailey’s. It’s always nice to show you’ve thought of the non-pregnant people, too. 

  • We can’t confirm a Christmas-themed baby shower cake is something you can pick up in the supermarket, so you might have to improvise here and make one yourself. You could buy a plain cake and decorate it yourself. 

Baby shower games

A baby shower’s not a baby shower without some games or activities. We love the options that let everyone get involved and get creative.

  • Make some Christmas tree decorations and then give them to the mom-to-be as a cute keepsake. Buy some arts and crafts materials, give everyone glue guns and glitter, and tell them to get creative.  

  • Hold a gingerbread house contest and whoever has the best house wins a prize. Home bakers will love this one. 

  • Host a wreath-making workshop. Either pick the plants and leaves from a plant shop or you could even go foraging for it yourselves if you live somewhere suitable. 

The mom-to-be is all that matters

While it’s easy to get caught up in the little details of a baby shower, remember why you’re planning it in the first place. She’ll just be happy to have all of her friends and family in one place, and anything else will be a bonus.