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International Women's Day

International Women's Day


Today marks International Women’s Day which always makes me want to throw my hands up in the air, a la Beyonce, calling all the ladies who are independent to do just that. But now I have a daughter of my own to navigate through this world, and there is a chauvinistic male in one of the most powerful jobs in the world, I realise it couldn’t be a more apt topic of conversation. There is a quote that often does the rounds on this day; “Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” But what does it take to be strong and independent in this day and age?

I know it has taken me 30 years to feel comfortable enough in my own skin, to see wholeheartedly I am a strong woman now. Did this coincide with having my children? Most probably a bit, but something definitely just clicked when I turned 30 that changed my outlook. I really did stop caring as much what other people thought of me, or questioning my every decision. I’ve spoken to many of my friends on the topic and they all agree that something happens to a woman in their 30s - you feel more self assured, more loving of yourself and more strong as an independent woman.

Growing my babies was also a serious game changer for realising just how strong we as women are. We grow babies! From tiny little embryos to babies with fingernails and toes; our bodies are mindblowingly incredible. Nothing can make you feel more powerful as a woman than growing life and nurturing it. Although your pelvic floor can feel a little less powerful after pregnancy and childbirth, but Elvie can help with that strength at least!

It’s actually ludicrous to think that in history women have not had equal rights and continue not to in so many countries, because we are clearly amazing, and downright stronger than males in so many ways. (If you have ever witnessed man flu you know this is so true!) Without us there would be no males - that is reason enough to celebrate women. Not just today but everyday! If I ever need a little empowering reminder about myself I just need to think of the miracle of life.

So what life lessons do I want my daughter to know? And how can she #beboldforchange as she grows into a woman in this world. Most are simple.

1. I never want her to feel that she cannot achieve the same as her brother. Equality should be an absolute given, especially in the workplace.

2. I want her to have her tribe. I would not be the woman I am today if not for the exceptional women around me who support me, advise me and drink with me. Relationships come and go (although not in my case as I happen to have been with the same man since I was 17) but friendships are truly forever.

3. I want her to be educated. And this is not just academically, but emotionally. I want her to know herself and her emotions and be equipped from a young age with coping mechanisms. I think this is the most important generational difference - that as people we are more aware of the importance of taking time out, yoga, meditation, relaxation techniques. Where we are the generation of anxiety and depression, hopefully our future can be the generation of spiritual awakenings and awareness. To be more mindful, which in turn will make her more strong and empowered.

4. I want her to be body confident. I never was and it affected me my whole life. I want her to be so comfortable in her own skin and for food to never be an issue.

5. Which in turn leads to me wanting her to love herself. Love her faults and imperfections, love her passions, love her explorational side, her wild side, love discovering the world. I want her to find strength, independence and knowledge to be a brave, powerful, fearless bold women in this world through love.

Let us know what life lessons you wish to impart on your daughters? Or how you are planning to #beboldforchange on this International Women’s Day? Let’s unite and show everyone who runs this world - girls of course! 

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