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Bikini Baby

Bikini Baby



You are a new mother congrats! How have you found the balance of motherhood and business so far?

I'm not going to lie being a mum is the hardest thing I've ever experienced, it's exhausting, emotional yet the most amazing thing I've ever experienced at the same time. I sit at my desk while doing emails with either one foot on Marley's bouncy chair trying to entertain her or I'm expressing milk with my pump, typing away so my husband can give her a bottle in between my meetings. The other day I was getting ready to go to a meeting. After an hour of running around trying to get Marley fed, changed and her baby bag packed, I was just about to jump into the car when my husband reminded me that I was still in my Pj's. That was a defining moment.  


Did you have any concerns about your business when you found out you were pregnant?

During my pregnancy I was concerned I wouldn't be able to handle both motherhood and my business, I was also worried that I wouldn't want to go back to work because I wouldn't want to leave Marley at all. As I quickly learnt that both was possible and a week after my birth and switching off completely I was ready to get back into work even if it was just a couple of hours a day. I'm so in love with my little girl and my whole world is now about her however I feel myself when I work and have a focus on something else besides just being just a mum.  


What's one thing you wish someone told you about being pregnant/childbirth? 

One thing that everyone told me but I wish I listened to more was enjoy your sleep while you can. I can't remember what it was like to sleep all the way through the night.


What's the first thing you noticed change in your body when you became pregnant?

Definitely my boobs, they become super big and sore straight away and as my pregnancy went on my nipples got really dark.


What's the most significant change in your body you've felt after giving birth?

My boobs from breast feeding and constantly full of milk. Waking up in the middle of the night in a wet patch of milk.


What's your plan to get your body back to normal?

Well I put on 15KG when I was pregnant and I lost 11KG in the first 10 days, I had so much fluid I felt like a balloon. Even though I still have more weight to lose I feel so much lighter. My biggest concern is my core strength. I always did pilates and started using Elvie when I was first pregnant as I was told your pelvic floor was so important. After having a baby it has definitely weakened and I just don’t feel in control. I’m counting down the days till I can start using it again and feel strong in myself.


Has your view or value of business life changed at all since becoming a mum?

No, I still have the same respect for my business, I just find I have to be more productive with my time now and more organised. I've got a great team of girls in the office that help me run my business and allow me to be a Mum and a businesswoman.


What advice would you give to anyone trying to balance Motherhood and business?

That having the best of both worlds, being a mum and an entrepreneur, is definitely possible so don't throw away your dreams just because you're a mummy now. Of course, all mums and babies are different, so do whatever you feel comfortable at the time. Also don't be afraid of asking for help!


Name a woman you look up to.

Recently I worked with Emily Ratajkowski. We shot her for our last campaign and got to hang out in New York. To me, she is a huge inspiration. She cops a lot of flack for showing her body. But the way she handles herself and the criticism, I think, is really important for women. We shouldn’t feel ashamed for showing off our bodies or being sexy. As a swimwear designer and now a Mum to a girl, body positivity is really important. Like Em says “We are more than just our bodies, but that doesn’t mean we have to be shamed for them, or our sexuality.”


If you could give one piece of advice to your daughter what would it be:

Not to stress the small things in life, everything happens for a reason and do whatever makes you happy.

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