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Interview with Dr Denise Jagroo

Interview with Dr Denise Jagroo

This week we've been lucky enough to catch up with specialist Pelvic Physio Therapist, Dr Denise Jagroo.


Being one of only 200 US Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Women's Health Physical Therapy, Dr Jagroo has a unique insight into womens' attitudes to their pelvic floor. Her expertise in this area may be globally recognised but is dedicated to help the individuals who need her. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Denise and really get to know the woman behind the doctorate. 

Your Journey

What made you decide to specialise in pelvic health?

I decided to specialize in pelvic health because I, myself, have suffered from pelvic pain throughout most of my life.  I am pain free now.  I use my experience to educate clinicians and be as compassionate as I can be towards my patients.  I feel very passionate about helping women understand and overcome their health barriers with regards to achieving optimal pelvic health. 

What have been the biggest rewards and biggest challenges in building your career?

My biggest rewards have been anything related to healing patients.  I want to help women see their potential with recovery and know that there is always help for their unwanted conditions.  There is information and understanding out there. They just have to know where to look.

The biggest challenges have been related to building my business and brand.  I have been working towards building a bigger platform to reach as many women as possible.  It has been a journey, but I know my life’s purpose and it is unfolding as it should. 

Do you see pelvic health as a feminist issue?

It seems that pelvic health has indeed become some sort of feminist issue.  With the political game that is happening with defunding Planned Parenthood and all the wonderful women’s health related services it provides, it seems as if women have to fight for their right to women’s health care!  It’s absolutely unfortunate to have a very non-diverse group of men stand on a stage and discuss whether women’s health centers should be funded or should even exist. 

Expert Advice 

Do you do your kegels regularly? Where & when do you do them?

Of course I do my kegels regularly! I do them everywhere and all the time! That’s the beauty of kegels.  No one knows you are doing them! 

What’s the most common question you get asked by patients?

“Is it normal to leak after pregnancy?”  Women believe that a normal part of motherhood is leaking urine.  While leaking may be common, it certainly is not normal. 

Why do you think women often wait so long before seeking help around pelvic issues?

I think women don’t know that there is help out there for the conditions that they are suffering from. They believe it is a normal part of life to suffer a bit after having a child. They are often embarrassed because these issues are often very intimate in nature.  Women are always juggling so much simultaneous that putting themselves first is usually not even a thought on their minds.  

What do you consider to be the biggest myth surrounding the topic of pelvic health?

That women cannot heal.  One of my biggest challenges is educating physicians to help their patients more.  A lot of OB/GYNs are not fully aware of the resources available to patients regarding pelvic dysfunction.  There are women’s health specialists and apps and devices available to women to help improve their quality of life.


Who inspires you?

Every successful woman who has had their voice heard.

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

That I am a healer.  

What do you love most about your body?

Its capacity to heal and love me back.

What can we learn from Denise?

As a woman with pelvic issues herself, Denis is not only approachable but relatable. The fact that she not only treats pelvic conditions in women but has overcome them herself emphasises the fact that there is no need to suffer in silence. 

It's clear from her answers that helping others is Denise's driving force; something which you can only admire. The final answer to the question "What do you love most about your body?" has a poetic beauty that can give everyone hope. 

Make sure to follow Dr Denise Jagroo and spread the #ElvieLove on Twitter and Facebook. If you're looking for advice and tips on women's health, check out her YouTube channel - it's full of helpful information!