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Get Set, Be:Fit!

Get Set, Be:Fit!


Tell us a bit about Get SET Body.

The Get SET Body plan is a digital lifestyle membership. The membership includes a 12 week workout plan backed up with PDF’s and ‘follow me’ videos where I do a lot of talking and moving all at the same time. My training style is all about efficient movement. How do we make the most out of each session without doing hours of training. Everything is based on Pilates, whether we’re doing pure core workouts or dynamic side lunges and HIIT sessions, it’s all about your form giving you the most effective workout, bettering your posture and therefore improving your overall physique.

Meals plan and recipes are available for both the Omnivore and the Vegetarian and designed by a ‘Hollywood Chef’ with training and trimming in mind. Everything is designed to leave you feeling satisfied and not craving snacks!

I’m very actively available to all of my ‘tribe’. Between our Facebook group, Instagram and emails, all get answered by me as I want to be apart of each of my members fitness journey. I’m up to my elbows in transformation pictures right now and it’s quite overwhelming and truly exciting!

I’ve just released a running plan which is part of a new “trim up” option. I’m developing within the membership.

Tips, tricks and all my favs are all included.

I wanted it to be all about a lifestyle change and I want everyone to feel like they’re a part of something encouraging, yet comfortable and familiar at the same time. All of my tribe are fantastic, motivating and all encourage each other whether they’re from New Zealand, LA or London.


Can you try pinpoint the moment or reason why you decided to start your own business?

I train a lot of Hollywood’s leading ladies and work with some amazing “wellness” people all at the same time.I wanted to take everything I had learned from working with my celebrity clients in LA and make it available for EVERY woman.Hence the Get SET Body plan. It’s exactly what I do with my leading ladies. Why shouldn’t all women have the same information?


From a Pilates point of view, what role does a strong pelvic floor play?

The pelvic floor is quite possibly the most talked about muscle by Pilates trainers. The pelvic floor literally holds your organs inside your body and works in a contract and release pattern. If you have an overactive or underactive pelvic floor you’ll start to see symptoms which can only be corrected by doing a little training. It’s super important, especially to women, we all need a connection to our pelvic floor. First is the mental connection and from here we can train it.


What are the key exercises you would recommend for a strong pelvic floor?

Firstly, we need to pay it some attention. Connecting to it mentally is step one. Once you’ve reintroduced yourself to your pelvic floor, there are two things it craves. Pulsing, then contracting and holding, then releasing. These patterns can then be implemented into more dynamic movements and all of a sudden you have your floor back, healthy and working with meaning.


Be completely honest, what specific exercise do you always dread in a workout?

Jumping squats! Ugh, even though I'm a runner and I love it, my quick twitching muscles fatigue fast! This is a dynamic move and not traditionally Pilates, but done with Pilates form it is a great one for the metabolism and training the muscles to contract fast! Killer.


Now what is your go to, get you in the mood exercise?

Pilates for sure. My program now includes a mix of everything (with Pilates intertwined in every move, of course). I love it because it's plays with strength, flexibility and release all in one move. You feel totally satisfied, stronger, taller and more efficient after every session. It's a mind workout too so it makes me feel more intune with my whole body. If I leave it a week, I need to get to know myself again! Ha!


You’re coming to Be:Fit with us! We’re so excited..what will you be doing there?

I'm soooo excited! I do tend to talk about vaginas a lot anyway but now I have the backup of Elvie and a reason to talk about it! I will be running a 45 minutes workout mixing a lot of what I do on my videos online, hopefully showing a nice example of what we do! Heart pumping, muscle toning, stretching and of course reconnecting you to your lovely pelvic floor.

Teaming up with Elvie, I shall be available before and afterwards to chat to everyone out anything! I’ll have a sign up station for those tempted to join the Get SET Body program and CANNOT WAIT TO MEET EVERYONE!


Who are you excited to meet or what product are you keen to learn about at Be:Fit?

I’m literally excited to meet everyone. People are my thing and I love sharing! I can’t wait to take a walk and learn about all of the other inspirational products and companies who are there.


Who would you say is your biggest female inspiration in life?

I look up to a lot of women in my life. I grew up with brothers, so had a very male upbringing and always thought I preferred men as company until my mid 20s when I rediscovered women. Sounds strange I know, but women in general inspired me when they decided to do something. I love the saying “if you want something done, ask a busy woman”.


Be:Fit London runs from Friday 28th April to Sunday 30th April, tickets and info are available here

You can read more about Sam Eastwood here