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Kick Starting Your Post-Holiday Workout

Kick Starting Your Post-Holiday Workout

1) I tell my Pilates clients to schedule their workouts into their life with intention and pre-planning. Regard them as an appointment, like any other, that takes priority and can’t be cancelled. This way you will truly get into a routine that prevents procrastination and excuses.

2) Start off slowly. If you’ve taken a lot of time off, don’t expect to be right where you were before you left for your summer holiday. To safely build strength and endurance without injury, we should only increase our workouts about 10% each time.

3) Do what you love. If you come back dreading returning to your workout routine, then maybe you’re not doing something that brings you enough joy. There are so many amazing ways to move our bodies, so choose one that you really look forward to. Fall can be a great time to reassess this and try something new.

4) Mix social time with your workouts. Try to maintain those summer vibes by inviting friends and family to join you in your workouts!

5) Listen to yourself. Post-holiday you may be recovering from jet lag, catching up on work or dedicating extra time to family. If you’re feeling worn out, it will often make you feel better to workout- but you might also need to focus on sleep or meditation to regain balance. Listen to what you really need and make choices based on caring for your whole self.

6) Remember the little things. It’s not just about getting those big workouts in. It’s about taking care of yourself entirely. Make sure you are stretching to re-cover post flight, focus on the little rituals that help you to stay fit and well, and don’t forget to use your Elvie regularly.

By Erika Bloom

Erika Bloom has been studying Pilates for over 20 years and teaching in New York City for close to 15 years. In addition to Pilates, Erika has studied many holistic body methods including Klein, Alexander, Feldenkrais, and yoga. She is certified in Postnatal and baby yoga through Jyothi Larson, and is a certified Yoga Therapist through Arturo Peal and Cheri Clampett. Erika has worked with many athletes, dancers, and celebrities, as well as those young, old and injured. She is thrilled to be able to bring her teaching to the clients of Erika Bloom Pilates Plus.