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Mama Mio: How to care for your skin during pregnancy

Mama Mio: How to care for your skin during pregnancy

Congratulations on becoming a mama-to-be!

With pregnancy comes a lot of changes, including watching what you put into your body and on your skin. Don’t worry though mamas, we’ve been the pregnancy skincare experts for over 15 years and know that becoming savvier with your skincare regime doesn’t have to be scary! Here is our ultimate guide to looking after your skin during the nine-month-stretch....and beyond.

3 things to look for in pregnancy skincare

No nasties

Look out for skincare products with a high natural content. This means that the ingredients that are absorbed into your skin are both mama and baby friendly. Look for products rich in Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil, natural hydrators perfect for nourishing and soothing delicate skin. We’ve spent time developing our unique formulas ensuring that they include the best ingredients, which are totally pregnancy safe.


For many mamas, stretchmarks, although a pregnancy badge of honour, can be a pregnancy worry. When it comes to preventing stretch marks, it’s really important to choose products packed full of Omegas 3, 6 and 9. These are essential fatty acids which help to maintain the elasticity of your skin. Rubbing omegas into your skin helps it grow with your developing bump, whilst maintaining strength and elasticity.


Morning sickness is very real for some mamas. If your senses are particularly delicate during pregnancy, it’s important to look for a scent that isn’t going to aggravate any morning sickness. Choose fragrance-free or a naturally formulated scent featuring fresh citrusy notes. Citrus fruits are a traditional remedy to help alleviate symptoms of morning sickness so choosing a product with a fresh, uplifting scent can help with sensitive noses.

3-step pregnancy skincare routine

During pregnancy, your skin needs a little extra TLC when it comes to relieving itching, soothing sore boobs and preventing stretch marks.


Perfectly prepping the skin is vital when it comes to stretch mark prevention. Smoothing over a gentle, naturally-formulated exfoliator such as The Tummy Rub Scrub, helps to prime your bump for a nourishing stretch mark cream/oil.


The key to preventing stretch marks is making sure the skin is as hydrated as possible. The Tummy Rub Butter and The Tummy Rub Oil provide intensely nourishing omegas that, when

applied regularly to the skin, help to maintain its elasticity to move and grow during the nine-month-stretch.

That itching you’ve been feeling? That’s your skin stretching with your growing bump. Moisturising your bump twice a day (and more if needed) will provide some much-needed relief whilst protecting your skin against stretch marks.


You might find that as your pregnancy progresses, your boobs can feel tight and heavy. There’s an Old Wives Tale that recommends putting a cold cabbage leaf in each bra cup to relieve engorged boobs. If you don’t fancy walking around wearing cabbage leaves, look out for our Pregnancy Boob Tube which contains Cabbage Leaf Extract. It is a rather more sophisticated and glamorous way of putting cabbage onto your boobs.

Interested to know more about pregnancy skincare and caring for your bump? Visit Mama Mio for everything you need to know about caring for growing bumps to relieving swollen ankles and soothing dry nipples.