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New Mum, New Friends

New Mum, New Friends

But, although we were all in the same boat, I found myself worrying that I didn’t look like I knew what I was doing.  What if my baby cried and I couldn’t comfort her? What if she had a huge diaper blowout and I forgot a change of clothes? What if she wouldn’t take a bottle and I had to breastfeed in front of total strangers? Sometimes I couldn’t concentrate on the conversation because I was so worried about the what-ifs.

The more time I spent with these women, the more I saw that we were all just trying to find our way. We’re all amateurs that get pooped on and spit-up on, fumble with our strollers, and forget extra diapers. Sometimes our babies cry for no good reason and we can’t do anything about it.

So, I let my guard down and reminded myself that even the most seemingly confident new mum was just as clueless, and just as unsure of herself as I was. And the purpose of this group was to just “be” and not feel stressed about being judged.

Even though my daughter is almost 11 months old now, I’m still trying to find my way. Sure, I don’t get as panicky about changing her diaper in a restaurant, or soothing her if she starts to cry when we’re at the supermarket. Things like that get way easier the more you do them. But with babies… just as you get used to something, it tends to change. So, there’s always something new and unknown to get a handle on.

If you’re pregnant, have a new baby, or even a toddler, I hope you’ll consider joining a group of mums who are in the trenches with you. Even if you just hang out at a park and chat, you’ll see that you’re not alone and no one (no matter how skilled they are at wearing one of those intricate cloth baby wraps) knows what the heck they’re doing. And who knows, you might even make some lifelong friends.