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Orgasms are Better with Elvie

Orgasms are Better with Elvie


You can perspire like a pink peach in the gym, going at it hard on every piece of apparatus and come out thinking you've toned every single muscle. But chances are you have completely ignored your kegels. They're invisible, but their functions are so important. They are a hammock of ligaments and muscles in your pelvic floor that if toned, can give you just as much confidence as having fit physique. You will have confidence inside and out...literally. Here's why...


Strengthened kegels will improve your sexual performance as well as orgasm! You can see improvements in as little as two weeks once they are properly exercised. I am at the moment reaping the benefits after using the mini kegel gym, Elvie. It's a mint green little mouse, that is inserted like a tampon. Your phone has an app that is connected to it via Bluetooth and every time you squeeze the app detects it. It's entertaining and only takes five minutes! There's nothing like the smug feeling of having completed some vaginal athletics!


Other than just having sexual benefits, strong kegels can help your body rebound from the strains of pregnancy, childbirth and impact sports. As many as one in three women have pelvic floor problems and many don't even know they have them.


I wasn't even really aware of the muscles I had down there before and what they could do. There is six different exercises on the app to train you up- Strength, Lift, Pulse, Hold, Speed and Step. Who would have thought we could do so many things with our hoo-har?


Challenging yourself becomes a really fun game and doesn't feel like a chore, you get a score at the end and you can gleefully watch it ascend. If you're worried about when you'll find time to do it, why not do it after every time you brush your teeth at night? Or keep it on your nightstand and use the little green mouse laying down after you've finished reading your bedtime novel?


I'm starting to think that female kegels are going to be so much fitter than male kegels with the ever growing #SqueezeSquad of ladies using Elvie. Yes, men do have pelvic floor muscles, and they can do a similar exercise by hanging a towel off their manhood and lifting and lowering it. Perhaps Elvie could make a male counterpart called Elvis with a bluetooth towel. I think the competition between partners could get heated…



Written by Millicent Binks