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Realistic Fitness Resolutions for 2016 with Kate Artibee

Realistic Fitness Resolutions for 2016 with Kate Artibee

If you’re as busy as we all seem to be at this time of year, give yourself sustainable goals that you can successfully fulfill for the whole year. Set your base goal lower than your instincts tell you, so you can always achieve success and avoid getting de-motivation. Don't forget, you can always add to your minimum any day you find yourself with extra time.

So here are my realistic 2016 fitness resolutions for you all:

Pamper yourself

Get a facial, massage, or some other feel-good treatment once every three months. This is an absolute minimum. If you find you can fit in treatments monthly or even weekly, please do. If you want to look good, you must feel good; 2016 is your year to treat yourself with love and care. Get a babysitter or call a friend/family member to help out. Trust me, it’s worth it! 

Prioritise your pelvic floor

Do your pelvic floor exercises while you brush your teeth. If you have an Elvie, wonderful, if not, practice as best you know how for the entire duration while you’re brushing your teeth. Most likely, this will give you 5 minutes per day of real pelvic floor exercise which will improve your life 100 fold. 

Lunge around the house

Need to get to point A from point B and no one is home? Lunge there! Lunges are a great way to keep your legs strong and toned, and to keep your balance at it’s best. I try to do 36 parallel lunges on each leg and 36 side lunges on each leg per day. I don’t always have time to do them in a focused, ‘exercisey’ kind of way, but if I lunge to get to the dishwasher to empty it, and then lunge over to my desk to answer emails, I will have most likely done more than my quota by the afternoon. Simple!

Don't take yourself too seriously 

Be goofy with your kids to get your cardio fix. My 21 month old and I have dance parties between lunch and nap time. Every. Single. Day. I can’t always get to a treadmill, but I always have time to turn up Princess Radio and jump up and down with my daughter (sometimes lunging!). She has a blast, and my heart rate always is up by the time we’re done.

2016 has the promise to be a nicer, softer year, where our goals compliment who we are and how we live. Cheers to that! 

Kate Artibee is a bi-coastal Mama, blogger, and pilates studio owner in Brooklyn, NY and Oakland, CA. Her studio Sanctuary Pilates® is a prenatal and postpartum institution of the Upper East Side in Manhattan, and her blog is quickly becoming a go-to for savvy parents seeking natural parenting and travel tips. You can follow Kate on Twitter or Instagram to get the latest Mama fitness tips.