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S**t Mums Say

S**t Mums Say


  • “Let me make you a tuna sandwich.”
  • “You look tired. Are you tired?”
  • “Have you seen what’s trendy on twitter?”
  • “Are you really wearing that”
  • “Did you see that article about women freezing their eggs?”
  • “Look at this picture of your stepbrother’s baby!”
  • “You need a decent jacket. Just buy it and put it on my card.”
  • “Darling have you been doing your kegels? Trust me, you’ll regret it if you don’t start now!”
  • “Because I said so”.
  • “You sound really tired – are you hungover?”

  • “Mother knows best”
  • “Have you gained [lost] weight?”
  • “What’s that on your face?”
  • “Why haven't you added me on The Facebook”
  • “Please just meet someone and have a baby”
  • "You always looks better when you're carrying a bit of weight"
  • “Do you like LOUIE? I think it’s too depressing.”



  • “What’s that shirt you’re wearing? It’s... funny.”
  • “I still picture your hair... lighter.”
  • “Cross your legs when you sneeze, you’ll thank me”
  • “Have you called Dr. Hertz about that mole yet?”
  • “Do you really need another glass of wine”
  • “I’m trying this new ‘rebounding’ class where you exercise on mini trampolines. I don’t know how anyone does it without peeing themselves!”
  • “You can do whatever you want and I’ll be happy for you. Just make sure that you can support yourself.”
  • “Get him young, train him up… then you have someone to push your wheelchair in your old age”
  • “You’ve been going to a lot of weddings lately… I’d like an invite to one soon!”
  • "Are you sure you don't want that tuna sandwich?"


At least she was right about the kegels… Happy Mother’s Day to the wonderful women who brought us into the world.

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