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Shaking Things Up

Shaking Things Up

I’d rather do a DVD at home, in whatever workout clothes I grab from the drawer, without feeling self-conscious that it’s not a perfectly put together Lululemon outfit. Do you guys ever feel that way?

But exercising by myself in my basement is boring. To shake things up (literally), I found something that’s fun and not intimidating at all: Zumba.

My mom asked me to go to a class with her last Sunday morning. I didn’t even know Zumba was still a thing, although I remember it vaguely as a craze from ten years ago. But, I love to dance, so I figured why not? I was by far the youngest person there (probably by 25 years).

But don’t be fooled by the age difference. These women were rock stars, and hard to keep up with. 60 is totally the new 30. It felt good to let loose in a very non-judgemental place. I was actually smiling throughout the workout. While it was mostly Latin music, the instructor tossed in some Beyoncé here and there. I never thought I’d be dancing to Bootylicious with my mother.

We signed up for the Winter session, so it looks like I’ll be Samba-ing with my mom for the next 8 Sunday mornings. And who knows, now I can merengue with the best of them, I might even give SoulCycle a try...