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Spring has Sprung - Workouts to Do Outside

Spring has Sprung - Workouts to Do Outside

1) Play a sport (e.g. tennis) with friends.

2) Join a yoga or fitness class that takes place outside.  Better yet, hire a personal trainer or yoga instructor to run bespoke classes for you and your friends!

3) Improve cardiovascular fitness and strength with hill sprints:

  • Find a decent hill to run up and lightly jog or walk down.
  • Repeat as many times as you can.  
  • To progress add an extra hill each week or every second week, or work on improving your time.  
  • For those monitoring heart rate (HR); assess two measurements both maximum HR during the hill sprint and recovery HR immediately after the hill sprint.  
    • Max. HR during exercise: To improve, you want to see this number decrease with the same intensity of exercise.  
    • Recovery HR: Take for one minute immediately after the hill sprint (standing still).  A good indicator of cardiovascular fitness is seeing your heart rate recover by more than 40bpm within one minute.  

*P.S. For those of you in London, my favourite hills are in Holland Park because it has some trail running, which is a great escape from city road running!

4) Spice up your run with Intermittent Bench Exercises. Each time you see a bench during your run, perform this Bench Exercise Circuit (2-4x), 6-10 reps of each:

  • Incline push-ups. For those more advanced try decline pushups.
  • Tricep Dips
  • Step ups, perform all on one leg first before switching to the other.
  • Split lunges off of the bench.
  • Bench jumps.

5) HIT (high intensity training) has been all the rave this year, and who wouldn’t want to add this to their routine? You can burn more fat in less time with my Body Weight High Intensity Interval Training Circuit- aim to repeat 8-10 sets in total:

  • You will need a watch and a small space outdoors- you don’t even need a park for this circuit, you can do it on a small patio.  
  • 4-6 sets of Burpee’s.  If more advanced add in a push-up with the burpee.
  • 4-6 sets of  alternating reverse lunges.  If more advanced try plyometric lunges or squat jumps.  
  • Timing Set Up: 10–20 sec of WORK followed by 10-20sec of REST.
    • Beginner interval: higher ratio of rest to work, 10 sec WORK/ 20 sec REST
    • Intermediate: Equal ratio of work to rest, 20sec WORK/ 20sec REST
    • Advanced: higher ratio of work to rest, 20 sec WORK/ 10sec REST

*Note: If you have any pelvic floor issues, eliminate the jumping in the burpee and choose alternating reverse lunges instead of plyometric lunges or squat jumps.  

6) Take up kickboxing outside with a friend or personal trainer.  This is a personal favourite of my clients, especially for those women who don’t enjoy running.  It brings out the fighter in all of us…boosting confidence and making us feel good about ourselves.  

7) Invest in a TRX which you can hang on a tree or playground in the park.  This will add new variety to your body weight exercises, ensuring a lean and sculpted figure for spring and summer. My personal Favourite TRX circuit includes performing 3x, 15 reps per exercise:

  • Tricep Press.
  • Row.
  • Single leg squat  (15 reps each leg).
  • Pike for the core.

These outdoor spring workouts will not only help you sculpt your summer body, but most importantly, they will make you feel happier.  The combined cocktail of vitamin D from the sun (a proven mood booster) along with the feel good chemicals released during exercise is a sure way to keep you smiling and glowing.  Something every woman wants!


Boost your outdoor workouts with these simple suggestions from Katelyn Faison, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor with a Masters in Exercise Physiology, based in West London.

Instagram: @katelynfaison