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Summer Holiday Fun

Summer Holiday Fun

My weeks in the summertime (and all year long) are all about the kiddos, as I’m sure yours are. I am a chef and fitness instructor, but my main role is stay-at-home mama. My advice is simple, do what feeds you, brings a smile to your face and involves the little ones. If everyone is creating memories together, the summer will be oh-so-sweet!  Make summer about doing things together that EVERYONE enjoys.   

Tip #1: Work it mama!  

Hit the road, park or your backyard. Working out gets kiddos outside moving around and shows them a brilliant example of how taking care of yourself is fun. The true bonus for you (get your camera ready) is that they will start imitating what you do.  A toddler in a plank is the cutest! I have the beautiful luxury of taking my little men to work with me, as a fitness instructor for Mamas. That opportunity is truly amazing in that it is two-fold: I get to feed my body and soul by staying fit, while showing my sons that fitness should never be a negative thing. So parents, grab that stroller, the kiddos and bust a move!

Tip #2: Grab a shovel and a spoon!

Bonus, kids love to eat veggies and fruits they grow. Ok, so lucky you if you have the land or yard to have your own garden.  Living in NYC, I do not have that luxury. However, we do go the Farmer’s Market on Wednesdays and we’ve been planning a bountiful herb garden for our window. My son Asher has an amazing palate and loves herbs. He loves to put herbs in ice cube trays with water, freeze them and add them to lemonade or water. Another of his favs is to mush them up with butter for later. Ah, my little chef! Making very easy things like fruit and veggie kebabs and simple dips and smoothies are fabulous for cooking with kiddos.

Tip #3: Party like you’re 6 again!

There is something truly wonderful about acting like a kid again. What better way to do that than with a group of pals that have little ones as well. Plan an outdoor trip, no frills, get together and do something completely “CRAZY” like setting up an ice cream sundae bar for dinner. That’s right, you read correctly, an ice cream sundae bar for dinner. Of course, add the good stuff such as berries and stock up on some frozen yogurt. I promise, the kids will not know the difference as long as there are sprinkles and chocolate syrup. Besides, when was the last time you and your pals had dessert for dinner? Live a little, it’s for sure something that will not be forgotten by anyone of any age! Add a game of old fashioned Freeze Tag and you are everyone’s hero!

The bottom line is that summer is all about being with family, right? Even though as parents we may struggle to fill the days with trips and excursions, I encourage you to take a different perspective. Happy parents breed happy kiddos, it’s a winning combination. Again, what could be better than sharing an activity rather than going to an activity and sitting on the sidelines. Don’t teach and preach to your kids about how to live and play, join in. Decide what feeds you and the littles and put it into action. What better setting for some good ol’ fashioned fun than the beloved summer holiday!?

Sarah Nicholas is a certified instructor for Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby at Fit4Mom NY. Check out their website here: She also has her own cooking show, 'The Story of Cooking.'