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The Baby Advice Every Mum-to-be Needs to Hear

The Baby Advice Every Mum-to-be Needs to Hear

Don't panic. Of course you're going to still have your freedom. You can eat cookies for dinner with reckless abandon, leave the dishes in the sink, or stay in your pajamas all day just because you feel like it. But once you're in charge of another human's wellbeing 24/7, your life is forever changed. Yes, you have the freedom to do things, but you have to fit those things into someone else's (demanding!) schedule. I didn't fully understand that until I became a mum...

Now, lounging on the couch is 50 bazillion times more appreciated (before baby, it was just a normal Saturday afternoon activity). But, it's different. The monitor is always in arm's reach and I have an uncanny ability to hear the slightest whimper from the nursery. And if I want to run some errands, or go for a jog, I have to consider nap times and feeding times and talk through the day's logistics with my husband.

Even when you're not physically with the baby, your head is still swirling with thoughts about their every waking need. (Do we have nighttime diapers? Are the onesies getting too small? When do babies start wearing shoes? How did the Sophie teething toy disappear into thin air? Do you think the carpet fuzz she accidentally ate is really bad for her?)

As I said before, don't panic. You are still you. Your life doesn't get put on hold when you have a baby. And you have the freedom to do whatever you want. It just takes a little more coordination than you're probably used to. But every new parent goes through it, and then it just becomes the new normal.

So next time you see a nervous pregnant mum, don't tell her to enjoy her freedom. Just promise to bring her over dinner when she's back from the hospital and hold the baby for an extra long time while she takes a nap or a shower.