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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Tip 1: Work it  

Like any other muscle in your body, the pelvic floor needs regular exercise to stay fit and toned. Would you expect beautiful biceps without putting in the work? Nope. So we can’t expect mind-blowing orgasms without investing a bit of time, too. Luckily, it only takes five minutes a day with Elvie.

Tip 2:  Know when something is wrong

The first step to pelvic pleasure is pelvic health. Knowing your body and being tuned in when something just feels “off” is super important. Stats show that one in ten women has painful sex. One in ten! There’s no reason to suffer in silence and assume it’s supposed to be that way. Don’t be embarrassed to see your doctor if you’re experiencing pain and need some TLC. Trust us, they’ve seen (and heard) it all.

Tip 3: Know when something is right

Kegels are so simple, yet so many women get them wrong. 30% of women actually push down instead of lifting up, which can lead to damage. That’s why we invented Elvie, so you can know for sure that you’re squeezing correctly, even when you can’t actually see what’s going on down there. Elvie uses biofeedback, so you can visualize your kegels in real-time. It even corrects your lift technique.

Tip 4: Go for the bonus round

The best part about kegels is that you can do them anywhere (sneak some squeezes in on the sofa while watching TV or in line at the grocery store.) But you can also do them during sex. (Yep, it’s the ultimate in multitasking). Your partner will thank you.

Ready to put that pelvic floor to work?