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The Low Down: Vagina FAQs Answered

The Low Down: Vagina FAQs Answered

Is my vagina too big/ too small?

No. Vaginas stretch during sex and they go back to their natural size. While pelvic floor exercises after childbirth can help you regain control, this is everything to do with strength and nothing to do with size.

How do I clean it?

Just with water. Say it with me: ‘just with water’. Scented soaps are all well and good, but your lady garden has a delicate PH balance. Keep the raspberry shampoo for your hair and the mint scrub for your feet, your vagina can take care of itself.

I leak when I laugh/ cough/ sneeze/ run. Is there anything I can do?

Leaking is nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s very common, although it doesn’t have to be. Pelvic floor exercises improve symptoms of leaking in 70% of cases. That’s pretty impressive, and there’s a good chance they’ll work for you.

Do men have a pelvic floor?

They do! And a strong pelvic floor can mean longer-lasting sex for them (and for you). So if the man in your life asks about kegels you might want to direct him here sharpish.

What are the different parts of my vagina called?

Well to start with, using ‘vagina’ for everything from lower stomach to upper thigh is a misnomer. It’s actually your vulva. The vagina is the canal and the two sets of lips are the labia majora and labia minora. And the set of muscles that wrap around the vagina and hold up your core organs are- you guessed it- the pelvic floor.

Does my vagina look like everyone else’s?

Probably not- but that’s amazing! No two women are the same and diversity is beautiful. We’d definitely encourage you to pick up a compact mirror and take a look at yourself.

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