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The Mums You’ll Meet

The Mums You’ll Meet

The Know-It All

The Know-it-all has signed up for every baby class there could possibly be, is on all the nursery school wait-lists, and has the 1st birthday party planned (with a theme) when the baby is only 6 months old. She’s extensively researched and tested every baby item on the market. So, whether you need a swaddle or a sippy cup… she’s the person to ask which one to buy. The best part about hanging out with her? She reminds you of all the stuff you forget to do.

The Perfect One

She’s like the unicorn of mums—perfectly put together. Her outfit is never covered in pureed food, her hair is always shiny (did she seriously have time to curl it?), and of course she’s wearing skinny jeans when you can barely fit into your fat jeans. Even when she’s wearing workout clothes, they’re an actual coordinating outfit, not the cobbled together get-up you’ve got going. What’s her secret? I’ll let you know if I find it out.

The Second Time Mom

This mum is a complete professional. (It’s as if she had some kind of training you didn’t know about.) You can barely keep up with one baby, and she seems to seamlessly have cracked the code on juggling two kids. She’s a master multi-tasker and never gets overwhelmed (at least on the surface).  

The Soulmate

Finding your “BFF” makes new mums feel way less alone as we navigate so many new experiences. You two are totally on the same page about pretty much everything. You stress about the same stuff (or know how to help the other one de-stress quickly), you feel comfortable asking any question without worrying that she think you’re clueless. You can talk about anything and everything—not just when to sign up for music class or diaper cream. She’s the friend you want to go out for brunch with—sans baby. 

Anyone else in your new mum crew?