Published on 18th October 2017

We had a hunch that Elvie Trainer women are stronger inside than meets the eye. But we wanted to know if it was possible to put a number on the strength of our community. And then we wondered what would happen if we added up all of your personal bests in the Strength exercise (a simple contraction to measure the maximum amount of force that your pelvic muscles can apply) using our Kegel trainer.

If every Elvie Trainer user contracted their pelvic floor muscles as hard as possible at the same time we could create a whopping 7.6 tons of force with our vaginas.

That’s enough pelvic floor power to lift an African elephant!

Talk about inner strength! In fact, if we include every Strength exercise every completed we could lift about 60 tons… or 5 double-decker buses! Not bad for a set of muscles that are hidden from sight.

You might then ask how long it takes to build this strength. Well, we looked into that too. The Elvie community has spent more than 188,281,005 seconds working out their pelvic floors, which means that, between us, we’ve invested almost 6 years in our pelvic floor health! 6 years. Those five-minute workouts really add up, huh?

And if the numbers don’t speak loudly enough, here are some of the amazing things that Elvie Trainer users have achieved, in their own words:

“No embarrassing moments caused by sneezing or laughing too hard, no need for panty liners, and stronger orgasms. What's not to love?” - Madelyn

“It's nice to take the dogs for a long walk and not have to sneak into the bushes myself” - Yvonne

“Elvie Trainer has improved my sex life for my partner and I 100%, making the O Factor so much more intense” - Tanya

“My husband says ‘that thing is WOOORRRRKKKKIINNGGG’” - Tasha 

“Since using my Elvie Trainer I’m now taking part in my trampoline class without the need of a heavy duty liner! Hubby has noticed a difference too” - Sue

Don’t underestimate the power of your undercarriage!