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This Week's Squeeze: Sadie Kurzban

This Week's Squeeze: Sadie Kurzban


Kicking off the Squeeze Series is Sadie Kurzban, the founder and CEO of ((305)) Fitness, a dance cardio workout, complete with a live DJ and a tremendous following (50,000 clients and counting). She was named "the next fitness cult leader," by the New York for her unique ability to turn painful workouts into outrageous fun. Not bad considering she’s only 27! Here, Sadie chats to Elvie about starting a business fresh out of college, her next big ambitions and the craziest thing she’s ever done for her health (hint: it’s pretty nuts!)


What are you most excited about in your life or work right now?

I'm excited about growing ((305)) Fitness and watching it spread around the country. This year alone, we're opening studios like crazy in New York, Boston and D.C. and are looking to expand pop-ups in Chicago, L.A. and more.


To date, what’s been your biggest achievement in life? What about the biggest challenge?

I started my own business at 21 years old, with no business experience. I hadn't ever worked anywhere before! Five years later, we're a multi-million dollar business, with over 50,000 clients, multiple cities, 50 instructors, 35 DJs, a full-time staff of 7. The list keeps growing and growing! That's been my biggest achievement. Along the way, many challenges, of course; I've lost some friends; I've had to learn that the word "no" is a complete sentence; I've learned that it's okay for me to say "Let me think about it."; I've lost money, made money, and been held responsible for all of it.


What is your next big ambition?

I'd like to keep working on ((305)) Fitness and watch it grow to be the biggest fitness empire the world has seen. I truly believe in our product and how it empowers so many people; makes them feel fearless, joyful, and full of courage. There's something so magical about getting the world to dance. I'm proud to be part of it.


Which women inspire you most?

Rebecca Minkoff: a total powerhouse, a creative visionary, who manages to stay calm and collected through it all. We're hoping to do a partnership with her soon.


What do you think it means to be a ‘strong woman’?

Being relentless about your ambition; putting your needs before someone else's, not being afraid to say "no," having the guts to stick to your vision, writing your own rules!


What inspired you to start 305 Fitness?

I was teaching dance classes in college. My best friend and I went out to a Miami Beach nightclub during a Spring Break trip. She turned to me and said "you need to do this. Combine the classes you're teaching with this crazy club atmosphere." We went home that night, drunk at 4am, and googled "how do you start a business?" The rest is history.


How does 305 Fitness differ from other fitness companies?

We're bold, irreverent, loud, wild. We speak for real people .


How do you define “healthy”?

Health is emotional, spiritual, physical, mental. Physically, it's about being in balance. Being able to jump up and down for an hour a day means I also need to have the strength and flexibility to support it. Emotionally, it's about accepting all parts of myself. People think "healthy" means "happy." I think that's bullshit. "Healthy" starts with acceptance first.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to better your health?

I suffered from a recurrent gut infection. Antibiotics and natural remedies wouldn't work. So I eventually did a (medically supervised) 2 week fast, where all I was ingesting for two weeks was honey, amino acids, and pure oil. It was totally disgusting, but it starved out my gut bacteria and I've been feeling better ever since!


You’re a pretty energetic person, what’s your secret?

I work out every day :) It gives me more energy, not less.


To find out more about Sadie and ((305 Fitness)) head to their website or check out their instagram.