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Tips for a Better Baby Bath Time

Tips for a Better Baby Bath Time

Here's what I've learned so far to make bath time more enjoyable for everyone involved (yes, us parents have our fair share of bath-related meltdowns, too.)

  • Dip a large washcloth in warm water and drape it over your baby's belly to keep her warm while you wash the rest of her body with another cloth. (This trick only works for the first few months. Once your baby starts grabbing things, she'll just try to play with the washcloth or eat it.)
  • Hooded towels are a must-have for making sure your little one is warm, cozy, and covered from head-to-toe post bath. Bonus: hooded towels with animal ears make for excellent photo shoots. 
  • Bath tubs designed just for babies are great for at least six months. But once your little one figures out how to roll and/or crawl, it's time to just use the regular tub. Keep the water height really low, so it’s as safe as possible. Or try this laundry basket hack which is pretty genius! 
  • Baby toys can quickly overtake your bathroom. Get a wall-hanging organizer that doubles as a scooper (like this one), to keep clean-up simple. This also ensures the sleep-deprived grown-ups in your house don’t slip on squeaky duck toys scattered all over the shower floor.
  • I bet you never paid much attention to the metal faucet in your tub. But once your baby eyes that big-shiny-must-touch-it-NOW-thing, all she wants is to grab it.  Make a spout safer with one of these
  • The hard bathroom floor is no fun for your knees. Bath time can be a lot comfier for you with a cushion
  • Being organized goes a long way. I always try to get the lotion, brush, pjs, and new diaper laid out on the changing table so I don't have to fumble around to gather things while holding a wet, squirmy baby. 

What are your baby bath time tricks and tips?