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Ways to Create a More Intimate Connection with Your Partner

Ways to Create a More Intimate Connection with Your Partner

Eye Contact. The eyes are the gateway to the soul. Maintaining eye contact when together helps create an intimate connection with your partner. You may feel nervous and even vulnerable at first, but making eye contact with your partner lets them know that you are present, that you are listening and that you are experiencing the moment with them.

The Importance of Touch. Kissing, hugging, massaging and stroking all produce Oxytocin; the bonding chemical. These activities help to create a feeling of closeness and desire. Try to weave these activities into your everyday communication. Touching can also be pleasurable for its own sake, and again, reassures your partner of your presence.

Add Variety. Variety is the spice of life! It may be cliché but it’s so true! It’s easy to get stuck in the same old boring disconnected relationship rut and in order to create a more intimate connection with your partner, you have to be willing to add a little variety. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Sign up for a new hobby that you can both do together, or designate one evening a week for a date night- order in and open a bottle of wine! You could even do something a bit more daring like a couple's massage- the world is your oyster.

Communicate Your Desires. Sharing your feelings and desires can create an unparalleled level of intimacy between your and your partner. When you communicate your thoughts, both inside and outside the bedroom, it exposes vulnerability and builds trust. It also allows your partner to get to know you better. Your willingness to communicate can take your relationship into exciting new intimate territory- be honest and tell each other how you feel.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but intimate relationships don’t just happen like they do in the movies. They require work. While it may be challenging, or even a little weird to begin with, your journey to creating a more intimate connection with your partner will be worth it.

By Dr. TaMara Griffin

Dr. TaMara is a internationally renown certified clinical sexologist, sex therapist, best selling author and powerful speaker with more than 20 years of experience. Dr. TaMara holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Human Sexuality, Doctorate in Human Sexuality, Masters degree in Social Work and a Masters degree is Education. Dr. TaMara has over 20 sexuality related certificates. She has published numerous books and articles, is the owner of 7 to LIFE and is also the Editor-in-Chief of Our Sexuality! Magazine. Dr. TaMara just recently published her highly acclaimed best selling book I AM Sex, a comprehensive guide to empowering women’s sexuality. Dr. TaMara is the host of The Dr. TaMara Show radio show.

Twitter: @drtamaragriffin


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