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What does the Founder of Liv Pilates want for Christmas?

What does the Founder of Liv Pilates want for Christmas?

At this time of year I love nothing more than pouring over the Christmas guides prepared by retailers, magazines and newspapers. I love searching for the perfect gift for friends and family and I spend ages trying to find something special that they’ll really enjoy.

So I thought I’d share my own personal wish list for fitness based gifts this year to help you find the ideal present for the fitness friend in your life, or even just inspire you for your own New Year fitness resolutions. You can always leave this page open as a hint to anyone who may come across it! 


Leggings have to be top of my list. As a Pilates instructor I rarely wear anything else (a huge perk of my job!) and I love having a fun and varied selection to choose from. I love Laurie Nouchka's strong visual prints inspired by iconic city buildings around the world. Barcelona holds a special place in my heart so I would opt for the Sagrada Cafe pair in Navy

Reuseable Water bottle

Plastic water bottles really aren’t great for the environment, or for you. The BPA used in some plastic can leak hormone disrupting toxins into the water so it’s worth investing in a good quality reuseable bottle that you can fill from the tap and chill in the fridge before heading out for your workout. Plus, if you carry around a water bottle you’re more likely to increase your water intake which is essential for good health and diet. I particularly like the Trident bottle from Fabletics which, with its integrated straw, can also be used for homemade smoothies on the go too.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a fantastic piece of workout equipment because they’re lightweight, easily transportable, inexpensive and provide a great workout from the comfort of your own home or when you’re travelling. They come in different resistance strengths so you can vary the level that you work at. I use them a lot in my classes for stretching and lengthening the hamstrings, an area where everyone is tight. They’re also great for toning your arms, abs, legs and bottom – everywhere basically!

Bath Soak

After any workout, especially those outside at this chilly time of year, it’s really nice to treat yourself to a soak in a steaming bath afterwards to relax and warm your muscles and to give a little back to you and your body for working so hard. Baths are also a great way of taking time out for yourself and indulging in a bubble of peace and quiet – something we rarely have time for in our busy lives; I treat them as a form of meditation! Mio Skincare has no nasties in any of its products and its Liquid Yoga will leave you feeling restored and relaxed post workout.

Socks, Socks, Socks!

I don’t know how I go through so many of these but I do! You may think they’re a boring idea for a Christmas present but these are a winner for me! Pilates socks, sports socks, black socks, wooly socks are all great gifts in my book!

At this time of year, socks will be on everyone's list! One of the many reasons we love Olivia (other than her excellent tast in kegel trackers) is her passion for teaching people different ways to get the most of out of their body and to live strong, healthy, and pain free lives.

She teaches group Pilates classes in North London as well as offering private, pregnancy and post natal classes, find out more here.