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What does the Founder of Pilates Plus Wellness want for Christmas?

What does the Founder of Pilates Plus Wellness want for Christmas?

So what does this businesswoman, fitness expert, and mother want for Christmas? 

Family Time

I wish to have some time to switch off over the festive period and recharge. Running the business, teaching, and looking after a toddler has been non stop. Fun, but exhausting.

It would be really nice to have quality time with my husband and 2yr old daughter Ella-Rose. She understands you get presents at Christmas and understands how nice chocolate is but I think thats all for now :)

2016 to go off with a bang!

I wish for all my New Year courses to get booked up. I have many pregnancy and post pregnancy/mum and baby classes running as well as many others, so I'm hoping to have a full timetable waiting for me. Head over to if you want to know more :) 

Spreading the Kegel Revolution


I'm really looking forward to introducing Elvie to my clients to help my clients with their motivation for doing Pelvic floor work. It will greatly compliment what we do in class. I use Elvie myself and really do find it useful to know that you're pulling up your pelvic floor correctly rather than just bracing. It's also reassuring to know at what level your pelvic floor is at and see how your strength is maintained and improved.

I'm going to be introducing Elvie to all of my wonderful lady clients as it's so important for everyone to be aware of their pelvic floor mucles. People tend to only care if they've had a baby or have a genuine problem, so I think Elvie will help educate people further. 

A Pamper Package

I wish for my husband to take me away for night to a nice spa hotel over the Christmas period and to surprise me with a few treatments (I WILL be showing him this wish list!).

I would appreciate that so much as its my perfect idea of relaxation. To be pampered and be able to sleep and do what ever we want. Amazing! I think its really important to be able to take some time out and to give back some good energy to yourself. 

A glitch-free New Year

I'm very much hoping that the coming weeks will go smoothly with my new online booking system; I'm hoping it will help free up some of my time to have a better work/life balance (as well as making life easier for my clients, of course). 

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