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Which UK cities know their Kegels from their kettlebells?

Which UK cities know their Kegels from their kettlebells?

Here at Elvie, we’ve long believed that it’s not just the muscles you can see that should be getting exercised - the ones that are hidden need love too! It really isn’t a case of out of sight out of mind - knowing your body inside and out is one of the most empowering and enriching journeys you’ll experience, and that starts with Kegel exercises.

Any mother post-childbirth knows that their pelvic floor isn’t quite what it used to be. After delivering a baby weighing anything between 6 lbs, it’s pretty safe to say that your body and especially your pelvic floor muscles have been largely tested, which can wreak havoc on your bladder control as well as your sex life. It’s estimated that even sans-childbirth, the pelvic floor begins to deteriorate early at the ripe old age of 20. Yikes!

Our Elvie Trainer helps to strengthen the muscles in the vagina to help keep accidents such as bladder incontinence at bay, and increasingly more British women are discovering the benefits of Kegels in helping their body and vagina get back to their prepartum shape, helping them to regain their confidence and inner strength and to take on new challenges.

Which UK cities have been doing their Kegels?

Increasingly, the UK is starting to know the difference between their kettlebells and their Kegels. While Kegels were initially the reserve of the US, Brits are progressively recognising the importance of Kegel exercise postpartum and beyond. Whether to improve their sex lives or to prevent little accidents while on the go,  which cities have really been doing their homework?


It comes as no surprise that the capital city would be so Kegel aware! In the past year, we’ve seen more London-based women discovering about the Elvie Trainer than in any other UK city! London ladies accounted for a quarter of those taking an interest in or trying our Elvie Trainer. But it’s not just ladies in London that have been doing their Kegel exercises to help improve their pelvic floor muscles...


If we head to the west of the UK, we find the birthplace of the first woman to qualify as a doctor - Sarah Blackwell. Not alone in her understanding of the human body, many women in Bristol are becoming more aware of their pelvic floor health and doing their Kegels. In 2018, Bristol was the third city interested in the Elvie Trainer.


Not new to the empowerment of women (this was the home of Emmeline Pankhurst, after all), Mancunian ladies are getting more in tune with their bodies - over 2,000 have paid us a visit recently to learn more about keeping their vaginas strong and fit!


There’s no shortage of empowered women that have hailed from Brum - not to mention, the first female Chief Medical Officer for England Dame Sally Davies was born and bred here. And other Brum women are becoming more and more interested in understanding and being in tune with their own bodies too. In 2018, Birmingham was in the second position for the top cities that visited us to learn more about the pelvic floor training and the Elvie Trainer.


Edinburgh famously produced Elsie Inglis, a pioneering doctor who opened The Hospice in 1894 - a maternity hospital specifically for less wealthy patients. Thousands of scot ladies have been paying us a visit to learn more and test the Elvie Trainer, and have been actively scouring the web for Kegel training exercises.

Are you new to Kegel exercises? With the rise in popularity and awareness of pelvic floor exercises in the UK, there’s an abundance of advice online which can make it difficult to know where to begin.

Our Elvie Trainer comes with an app with biofeedback technology, and is so discreet and sleek that you can do your exercises anytime, any place. Read more here!