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Woman Crush Wednesday: Rachel’s STORY

Woman Crush Wednesday: Rachel’s STORY

About Rachel

Rachel grew up in a family centred around retail for four generations. After studying economics, she moved to New York where she worked for a luxury goods catalogue. An entrepreneur at heart, Rachel subsequently left to launch Cube Ventures, a retail and marketing consultancy firm whose clients included TOMS, GAP and AOL. Rachel's job was to review companies, ranging from struggling startups to world wide brands, and find ways to help them develop. She noticed that, no matter the company, all businesses lacked the means to integrate finance, marketing and PR: "it was like a United Nations without a was speaking Japanese, marketing was speaking Spanish, and PR was speaking Taiwanese.”

Rachel spent many years translating, harmonizing and developing businesses- but her passion for merchandise, marketing and business development inspired her to move on and create something totally unique: enter STORY.


Launched in December 2011, STORY was created to be “a space that has the point-of-view of a magazine, changes every four to eight weeks like a gallery, and sells things like a store." STORY is located in a 2000 sq. ft space in New York, aimed to be an experience rather than a shop. New brands, personalities and merchandise enter the retail space every few weeks, all guided by a common theme.

STORY has been home to lots of exciting concepts, including Colour STORY, New York STORY, and Wellness STORY. Totalling 24 different collections, the 2000 sq. ft space serves as a “matchmaker between brands and consumers”. Innovating the physical world of retail, STORY is shaping offline behaviour to mirror the unravelling boundaries sweeping the online world. As a result, Fashion Group International awarded STORY the 2014 Rising Star Award for Best Retail Concept and was named in Time Out NY’s list of 15 Top Shops.

The ‘F Word’

This week, STORY begins a new chapter under the ‘F Word’. The aim? To understand what it means to be a feminist in the 21st century, to celebrate the achievements of women who have taken a stand for gender equality, and to ignite conversation about modern feminism around the world. From fair trade brands like Soko and Future Glory, to parenting essentials from Hatch Collection and Diaper Dudes, Rachel encourages us to visit STORY to explore and be inspired.  

The ‘F Word’ extends beyond the word Feminist, with ‘For Women, by Women’ contributing to this month's theme, and Elvie founded by Tania Boler is part of the STORY! We’re thrilled to be taking part and to celebrate achievements of women just like Rachel Shechtman this International Women’s Day.


Where? 144 10th Ave. at 19th St. NY, NY 10011

When? The 8th March to the 3rd April


Twitter: @rachelshechtman, @ThisIsStory